Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | December 16, 2016

Document of the Week. Communion Card, Jane Hanes, Christ Church, Moulinette, 1865.

scan0022A communion card for Jane Hanes, Christ Church, Moulinette., Sept. 10, 1865.

scan0024The reverse of the Communion Card, signed by H. Patton, Rector of Cornwall.

Om Thursday, December 7, 1905 the Church held a Sock Sociable, and handed out a miniature sock with the following words:

This little sock we give to you, is not wear.
Please multiply your size by two and place therein with care,
The pennies or cents, just twice the number that you wear.
We hope it is immense.
So if you wear a No. 10, you owe us twenty, see?
Which dropped within in our little sock will fill our hearts with glee.
But if you only have one foot we’ll surely charge you double:
Now if you have a friend quiet dear you’d like to bring with you,
Or if you know someone who’d come, we’ll gladly give you two.
So don’t forget the date and place; we’ll answer when you knock,
And welcome you you open arms, BUT DON’T FORGET YOUR SOCK.

The Communion card and sock are part of the collection of the Cornwall Community Museum.  They, along with more than 150 other rare or rarely seen documents and photographs of Cornwall and the St. Lawrence front, will be featured in Quarry Press’ new book THE LIVING RIVER, the ST. LAWRENCE from MONTREAL to CORNWALL to PRESCOTT, by Ian Bowering and Lor Pelton.  To be available early January, 2017.  For further information email:





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