Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | January 6, 2017

Document of the Week. 1830 Spinster apprenticeship indenture, Lancaster, Upper Canada


Indenture of Apprenticeship Elizabeth Scutt, Phillip Empey, 1830.


This Indenture made the 13th day of March in 1830 at Lancaster in the Eastern District of the Province of Upper Canada by and between Elizabeth Scutt the younger of the Township of Lancaster in the said District a minor, daughter of Isaac Scutt and Elizabeth Scutt late of the Township of Osnaburg in the said District; and Elizabeth Scutt the Elder Mother of the said Elizabeth Scutt the younger of the one part and Phillip Empey of the Township of Lancaster aforesaid yeoman of the other part.

Witness; that whereas the said Isaac Scutt hath during the space of five years last past, left his said daughter, in charge of her said mother Elizabeth Scutt without means of maintenance the said daughter, and hath further neglected to provide any maintenance for her, and the said mother is unable to provide any maintenance for her said daughter.  Therefore the said Elizabeth Scutt the younger hath of her own free and voluntary will and by and with the consent of her said mother, placed and bound herself Apprentice to the said Phillip Empey to be taught the Trade Science or Occupation of a Spinster, and with him as an apprentice to dwell continue& serve from the day of the date hereof unto the full end and term of 12 years & 8 months the said Apprentice her said master well and faithfully shall serve, his secrets keep, his lawful command every where glady do___ to her said master she shall not do nor


willingly suffer to be done by other, but the same to her power shall let, or forthwith give notice thereof to said Master; the goods of her said Master she shall not ____ or waste, nor lend them with his consent to any. Fornication, she shall not commit.  Matrimony she shall not contract; from the service of her said Master.  She shall not at any time depart or absent herself without her Said Master’s leave; but in all things as a good and faithful apprentice shall and will demean and behave herself towards her said Master and all his during the said term.  And the said Master his said Apprentice the said Trade Science or Occupation of a Spinster, with all things thereto belonging shall & will teach and instruct or otherwise cause to be well & sufficiently taught and instructed after the best way & manner that he can; and shall & will also furnish Provide & allow unto the said Apprentice meat, drink, washing, lodging & apparel, both linen & woolen and all other necessaries in sickness and in health, meet and convenient for such an Apprentice during the said term, and shall within the said term at his own proper costs and charges send her to some p;roper school to be taught in the Arts of Reading & writing, for a term not less than 12 calendar months, and provide her with the necessary means of improvement in such School, and not at the expiration of of the said term of 12 years & 8 month, shall and will give to


his said Apprentice all such articles of clothing and dress as is fit & usual for persons of her description to wear, not less than two complete suits.

In witness whereof the parties to these presents have here unto set, their hands & seals at Lancaster aforesaid the day & year first within written.

This wonderful document was just donated to the archives at the Cornwall Community Museum by John Johnston of Toronto.

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