Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | January 9, 2017

Document of the Week, Fence Viewers Award, Cornwall Township, 1877.


Fence Viewers Award

We three fence viewers of the locality having been nominated to view and abstract upon the Line fence between David Henderson of the Township of Cornwall Yeoman and Philip Thompson Empey of said Township of Cornwall Yeoman, which fence is to be made and maintained between the north part of the east half of and west half of Lot number 24 in the second concession (fourth range) of the Township of Cornwall, and having examined the premises and duly acted according to the Ontario Line Fences Act, the award as follows.

That part of the said line fence which commences in the Headline Road and running south, 27 rods and 3 feet to a post, shall be fenced and the fence maintained by the said Philip Thompson Empey and that part therof which commences at said post and running south 27 feet and 3 feet to a post, shall be fenced and the fence maintained  by the said David Henderson. The fence shall be of the following description, good sound ash or cedar rails, not lest that 4 feet six inches high, staked, caped and ridered and shall cost at least one dollar per rod, and the work shall commence within 8 days and completed within 65 days from this date, and the costs shall be paid by the said Philip Thompson Empey.

Dated this 12th day of March, 1877      Oscar N. Eastman

Sidney Dixon

John M. Forsyth    (fence viewers)

This document was donated by John Johnston of Toronto.

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