Posted by: Manager / Associate Curator | February 9, 2017

TWUA Local 806 – Cornwall Sports

Textiles Workers Union of America Local 806, represented workers at the local Cotton Mills as well as at Courtaulds.

Pictured here, from back to front and left to right, are the 1952 ball champs from Canada Cottons: (Rear) R. Gadbois, E. Leroux, Lucien Seguin, Sonny A. Valance (Trainer), T. Boulerice, Donald Toupin; (Seated) R. Masse, Gaetan Dumond, T. Brisson, Godfrey Caron, Roger Leger, T. Boulerice, R. Legault; (Front) R. Masse (Mascot). Missing from the photo are M. Lascelle, M. Belanger and J. Richer.


Our second photo is of a ball team from Courtaulds; note the plant across the street. Can you identify the few “unknowns” in the photo? (Front) Unknown, T. Brisson; (Middle Row) Richard Legault, R. Gadbois, Roger Leger, E. Leroux, Curly St. Denis; (Rear Row) G. Caron, G. Dumont, Unknown, R. Toupin, J. Boulerice, R. Masse


These are but a few of the many photos preserved in the SD&G Historical Society Archives at your Cornwall Community Museum.

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