Posted by: Manager / Associate Curator | February 25, 2017

The Historic View from City Hall

Much like several other Cornwall neighbourhoods, the 300 block of Pitt Street has changed a great deal, even since the late 1970s.


In our aerial photo, the current main Fire Station,  City Hall and the Justice Building are in evidence; gone are the old Police Station and Fire Hall, but some of the former commercial outlets are still visible on that west side of the street, such as Gallinger Electric where RBC operates today.


Some will fondly recall Kennedy’s Soda Bar.


Continuing north were Stormont Stationers and the original Cornwall Cable Vision (precursor to Cogeco.)


Cornwall’s original Town Hall was on Pitt Street near Water (part of the United Counties complex today.) Town Hall relocated closer to its current location, expanded and then was replaced by a more modern structure.


This building, immediately south of the current City Hall, housed the Police Station and the Fire Hall.



The current City Hall in the 1950s.


Just around the corner, near the current main Fire Station, was a drinking fountain, for both man and beast.


Behind City Hall.


Behind the old Fire Hall.


The hose drying tower behind the old Fire Hall.


And, from the “yellow era”, a fire truck in 1991.


Most of the historic businesses along the east side of Pitt in that block are gone, although a few of the buildings remain.

The service stations on the east corners of Pitt Street at Fourth were replaced by a submarine shop and a medical clinic. The taxi dispatch is the site of a funeral home today.


Continuing south, gone are Legare’s Furniture (333), Central Bowlaway (329), and Ross Service Cleaners (323).


Central Bowlaway became Central Billiards; both have ceased to exist. The LCBO has been replaced by an eatery. The other buildings all serve other uses today.


Reg Woodward’s Club Restaurant was known for heated political conversation, perhaps more so than for the menu.


The 1947 vs 1963 Fire Insurance Maps show some of the evolution. A park previously occupied the space used by City Hall and the main Fire Station.


What great historic Cornwall photos are in your albums and shoe boxes? Why not share a few with our readers. E-mail Don at .

These are but a few of the many great images housed in the SD&G Historical Society Archives at your Cornwall Community Museum.


  1. Reggie Woodward is featured in that last photo of The Club Restaurant

  2. Reggie was a huge Conservative supporter. They used to call his restaurant the Tory Café! He always had great stories to tell, a twinkle in his eye and man I still remember his hamburger sandwiches!

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