Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | March 3, 2017

Artifact of the Week. 1856 stampless envelope to Angus Cattanach Esq. Dalhousie Mills, re timber sales.


Paper was scarce in Upper Canada (Canada West), so to make the most of resources at hand lumber agent Sam Hart of Cornwall sent his letter on this piece of paper and then folded and sealed it to turn it into an envelope.  The black rubber circle under “1856” would have shown the cost of mailing the letter. Thrifty as always, the postmark dated 1856 shows Cornwall, Upper Canada, when the province was now officially known as Canada West.


Dear Sir                              Cornwall 30th January 1856

In answer to your letter of 28 instant I can only say that in respect to timber transfers I am only acting under the directions of C. E. Belle Esq. of Montreal who has charge of all timber concerns in these and the neighbouring Counties and ti him I advised you to write in my letter of 19th instant.  It will also be necessary before anything can be done that we should be furnished with an affidavit of someone who knows the circumstances stating that the timber has been cut on No. 1 or the W 1/2 No. 2 (the Clergy lot) and describing where the timber _is.  Without this affidavit no action can be taken.

I remain sir

Yours truly

Sam Hart.

Angus Cattanach (1796 – 1873) had dealings in the Glengarry timber trade.)

This document was donated to the Archives of the SD & G Historical Society in 1982.

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