Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | March 3, 2017

Peddler’s License oath, Cornwall Township, 1854.


Province of Canada                                S(idney) W. Bisber of the
the United Counties                              Township of Cornwall
of Stormont Dundas                               in the united Counties
and Glengarry                                         of Stormont Dundas
and Glengarry in the
to wit                                                 Province of Canada

Merchant maketh oath and satith (?) that he intends to hawk and peddle and offer for sale in the said united Counties goods service(?) and merchandise the Produce of the united Counties and for that purpose this deponent is applying to the treasurer for a permit under the Provisions of the By Law of the Municipal Council to enable this deponent to sell such goods services and merchandise within the said united Counties and that under such permit this deponent will not sell any goods services and merchandise except the produce and manufacture of such Counties.

Sworn before me at the town
of Cornwall in                                                        Sidney W. Brisber
the said United Counties
this 3d day of July 1854
having first read and explained.

James Pringle

County, L.B.  (Pringle served as treasurer)

One of the privileges of working at a museum that dates to 1954 is uncovering documents that have been long filed away and forgotten.  This is just one of those treasures acquired more than 40 years ago by former Curator Alda MacKinnon.



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