Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | March 18, 2017

Housemoving for the St. Lawrence Seaway and Ontario Hydro Project.

scan0024This house was moved to make way for the St. Lawrence Seaway and Hydro Project, September 10, 1956.

This is one of a number of photographs depicting the home relocation project in the archives at the Cornwall Community Museum.

scan0025A house being prepared for moving, September 11, 1956.

scan0026Part of one a Hartshorne house-mover, capable of lifting 200 ton buildings through the use of hydraulically controlled cables, and a house being moved, June 9, 1956.

scan0028This July 17, 1957 photograph titled “On the Move” shows Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ross (standing), Albert Hoople, and three young relatives , Donald, David and Kenneth watching preparations for moving their house from near the Long Sault Rapids to the New Town of Ingleside.

This is one of many photographs depicting the St. Lawrence Seaway and Ontario Hydro Project and the Lost Villages of the St. Lawrence in newly released book:

THE LIVING RIVER – SECRETS OF THE ST. LAWRENCE, from MONTREAL to CORNWALL to PRESCOTT, published by Quarry Press, authored by Ian Bowering and Lor Pelton.

The book is available at the CORNWALL COMMUNITY MUSEUM or from QUARRY PRESS.

Cost: $30, for information and to order either visit the museum or email Ian at

Mail orders will be plus postage which varies with destination.

Note:  Different photographs from the ones depicted here appear in the book.


scan0029The last house leaves Wales, Ontario, in 1957.




scan0031The first brick house to be moved, Iroquois, March 24, 1956.

scan0032The 550th house to be moved.  This house ended up on a new basement in Morrisburg.


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