Posted by: Manager / Associate Curator | March 26, 2017

Before Cornwall Square – lower Pitt St

The 1970s and 1980s was an intense period of transformation here in Cornwall. Progress and renewal often results in saying some ‘good byes’.

Cornwall Square, the city’s only remaining indoor mall, opened for business in 1979, but only after a City decision to demolish the better part of two city blocks as part of its much-needed urban renewal effort. If the creation of the mall didn’t directly necessitate the removal of a building in that area, the coming of the Lionel Chevrier building to its east would.

Collectively the two projects wiped off the map all of the businesses on the east side of Pitt Street between Water and First Street East, as well as structures on the north side of Water Street East from Pitt to Amelia Street, most of the Horovitz Park (formerly Central Park) including that section of Amelia Street, and the south side of First Street East from Pitt to Amelia Street. Part of the project was the re-alignment of Sydney Street between Water Street East and First Street East and the removal of structures on that street as well.

In this first post in this downtown series, we’ll take a look at the view along Pitt Street just prior to the renewal of that neighbourhood.

1978_Pitt 100-1_WM

Travelling down Pitt Street from north to south we see a parking lot on the s.e. corner of Pitt at First Street East. East of the lot, the side of the Paradise Restaurant is visible.

1978_Pitt 100-2_WM

After the lot were two adjacent buildings; the first was then home to Western Tire (a great place to buy used hockey equipment) and the other building housed many businesses. The above image is a panorama of three photos stitched together. The section painted bright yellow was home to Herbie’s Sub Shop and an arcade. Some of the other businesses were Sylves Boutique, D’Esthetik, City Carpets, a printer, and a hair salon.

1978_Pitt 100-3_WM

After another lot we see Martelle’s Used Furniture and New Hardware store, another storefront operation as well as the series of buildings which collectively formed the Lloyd George Hotel.

You may be interested in some of our related posts, such as this one dealing with some history connected with the site of the former Lloyd George Hotel and this one on some former hotels, including the Lloyd George.

Click on this LINK for Part 2.

Thanks are offered to Dr. Margaret Macaulay, who allowed us to scan these photos from her cherished photo album. What history is in your closet waiting to be shared? If you have Cornwall photos to share, please contact us as .

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