Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | March 29, 2017

Eastern Ontario’s Laura Secord – Peggy O’Sullivan Bruce.

We have all heard of Laura Secord, but too few of us know about Cornwall’s Peggy O’Sullivan Bruce.

Her story is recounted in the new publication THE LIVING RIVER – SECRETS OF THE ST. LAWRENCE – from MONTREAL to CORNWALL to PRESCOTT, by Quarry Press and written by Lor Pelton and Ian Bowering.

The story goes something like this:

In November 1813 a group of American soldiers occupied Cornwall and had scared most locals away with the exception of innkeeper Peggy O’Sullivan Bruce.

While they were enjoying a pint or two, historian Rhodes Grant wrote:

“She told them to follow the newly cut road to St. Andrew and then go east on the Line Road and they would reach Martintown.  She implored them to be careful as the Priest’s Bush south of St. Andrews was full of British Regulars and Glengarry Militia and far the worst of all the St. Regis Indians who were waiting to scalp all good Americans who came by…

After a good night’s sleep the American lads decided they liked their scalps and went home.  Not bad, but it gets even better – there was not a single Englishman, Glengarrian or Indian to be found.

As you can see, Canada was saved on a bluff.

PS  I would be remiss note to note that the Americans were also defeated at the Battle of Crysler’s Farm the day before.  But why ruin a good tale.

This an numerous other stories, tales and photographs are part of the 200 page plus publication THE LIVING RIVER, only available at the Cornwall Community Museum for $30 or Quarry Press.  For further info. contact:




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