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Aaron Horovitz – his legacy


To celebrate the Canada 150 Mayor’s Picnic taking place in Lamoureux Park this Victoria Day Monday, we offer this glimpse into the life of the man who championed these parades and children’s picnics from 1939 until 1957. Your Cornwall Community Museum will be open during the Monday event (11 a.m. – 4 p.m.) and features an exhibit on the historic Mayor’s Picnic. As always, admission is free – donations greatly appreciated. Cornwall’s new Tourism Office located inside the Museum will also be open for you during this event.

  • Aaron and his brother Louis arrived in Montreal from Romania in 1910.
  • In 1911 they relocated to Cornwall, realizing that the market was less competitive here than in Montreal`s garment district.

Prince Clothing & Cornwall Pants

  • They leased part of the Brennan block (a former hotel on the n.w. corner of Marlborough & Water Sts)
  • In 1920, having outgrown the building, they relocated Cornwall Pants to the former Plamondon Hotel on Marlborough St. S.
  • In 1923, they adopted the Prince Clothing name and expanded their operation to a second building up the street, the former Collins Dance Hall.
  • In 1970 the brothers sold the business to the Lovell brothers.
  • After much economic difficulty, the factory closed after a fire in 1975.
  • In 1976, a former plant manager took over, renaming it to F&B Clothing and relocating to Brookdale Avenue. F&B subsequently closed.

Terms as Mayor (waived his salary)

  • 1930-34, 1936, 1944-46, 1949-56
  • Cornwall`s longest-serving mayor
  • Possibly the first Jewish mayor in Canada
  • Transitioned Cornwall through the Annexation
      • February 22, 1956 Annexation Order
      • July 1, 1958 Annexation Officially takes place

Central Park renamed Horovitz Park in his honour

  • Once the gem of Cornwall
  • Now a postage stamp


  • 435 York Street
    • This structure has served many purposes, including the home of Canada Bread, and Domtar`s resident manager`s home.

  • 219 2nd St W (above)
    • Since 1878 the property was passed from the Gillie family to the Camerons, and Smiths, then to the Horovitz family in 1926, remaining in their family until the early 1990s.
    • The house was constructed ca. 1900 as a brick structure and modified ca. 2000.
  • Charlottenburgh Park
    • The family estate had been donated as a park; the entrance gate has been re-located over the years. Today the RRCA operates the park, which includes public beach and camp ground.


1955 Mayor’s Picnic Parade.  This view shows the east side of Pitt Street just north of 2nd.


1956 parade on Pitt Street, northeast of 2nd St., leading to Central (Horovitz) Park.

1952_90-20.76_Looking AtTheCrowdsOfChildrenMayor Horovitz at the 1952 picnic, the old band shell is decked out in British and American flags.

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