Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | May 26, 2017

Minutes of Inspection Cornwall Gaol,May 1881.

Minutes if Inspection Cornwall Gaol.

I made an inspection of the gaol on the 12th of May 1881 and found only two prisoners both females, 1 under sentence for larceny, and the other for vagrancy.

The gaol is cleanly kept, and the books are all entered up to date.  The surveyor’s book showed preferred assets.  No entries in punishments book since last inspection.

The yard for male prisoners secure and the corner to  the turnkey’s facility, which must be considered objectionable both in the f_____ of insecurity and for disciplinary reasons this yard is ____ large enough for subdivision and of the turnkey must have the use of a yard as no doubt he ought, there should be one partitioned off for him.

In the wood yard the wood is piled against the wall in large ______, as is also a number of wooden boxes, a prisoner would have no difficulty in escaping from the yard if left alone for a moment, the gaoler says persons are never left alone in this yard, still _____ should

be left in an unsafe condition when it is possible to avoid it.

The gaoler will have the wood and other material in the yard so piled as to leave a clear space of not less than 12 feet between the pile and the walls.

___ Reilly



The archives at the Cornwall Community Museum date back to the 1950s, and even though I have worked here for nearly 40 years, I keep making “new” finds.  This document was lodged in an old Ontario Statute book that I happened to look through last week!



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