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Was your family in Cornwall in 1867?

The Class of 1903, Cornwall.

Left to right, top:  John R. Connolly, Tom Dunkin, Harold Ross, Austin L. Cumming, John S. Leitch, Clarence Ross.

Left to right, bottom:  Bert M. Mown, A. Ross Alguire, Aubrey G. Poole.

To mark Canada’s 150th birthday, the Cornwall Community Museum will be high-lighting Cornwall’s achievements since Confederation.

As part of this exhibit we will feature photographs of your ancestors, some known and others not yet identified.

Was your family here 150 years ago?

The 1869 “Dominion of Canada Gazetteer and Directory” provides the best, but unfortunately comprehensive list of the town’s citizens.

The Directory says that “CORNWALL – A Town on the St. Lawrence, and Grand Trunk Railroad, in the Township of Cornwall, County Stormont.  It is the chief Town of the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry.  Distance from Montreal 68 miles, from Toronto 265.  Money Order Office and Savings Bank.  Population 2,000.

Here are some of the names:
Adams, P.E ., baker and grocer,
Allan, William C., M.D.,
Atchison, William & Co., proprietors steamer British America,
Austin, Rev. Henry, (Church of England),
Bailey, J., general merchant,
Bank of Montreal, James Cox, Agent; Evelyn Vardon, accountant,The Cornwall branch of the Bank of Montreal issued its own special $1 bill, in 1859.

Bartley, Henry, grocery,
Bergin, D., M.D.,         Dr. Darby Bergin, below.

Bergin, J. solicitor, Insurance Agent and Master in Chancery,
Bethune, Angus, flour and grist mill,
Bethune, James, barrister, Clerk of the Peace, and County Attorney,
Bethune, W. solicitor,
Bradbury, J.L., principal grammar school,
Broderick, John, proprietor International Hotel,
Bullock, R.K., Collector Customs,
Butler, J.R., watchmaker

Photo by the R. Douglas Studio, Cornwall, studio – Marlborough St., 1904 – 1920.

Robert Douglas was born in Cornwall in 1878.  He spent four years learning the art of photography in Lowell Mass., and then returned to Cornwall to open a photographic studio, first in the McIntyre and Campbell Block on Pitt, where his business expanded to the point that he was “…forced to seek larger quarters and recently removed to Marlborough St., near Water St., where he has a large and well fitted studio.”  (Cornwall Old Boys’ Reunion, 1906.)

Douglas married Mabel Tilton , and the couple emigrated to Lowell, Mass., in 1930.  He died in Florida in 1973.

Back to the 1869 Directory:

Caldwell, A.E., iron founder,
Callaghan, Owen, blacksmith,
Carpenter, David, livery,
Carpenter, George, blacksmith,
Chisholm, William, attorney-at-law,
Cline, William, general merchant,
Cornwall Woolen Manufacturing Co., E.M. Hopkins, Pres., George Stephen, V.P., John Warwick, Manager, James P. Watson, Sec.
Cox, James, agent Bank of Montreal,
Craig, James, MPP,
Vushman, J.W., watchmaker and jeweler,
Darois, Peter, hairdresser,
Davy, John shoemaker,
Dennany, John, innkeeper,
Dennison, Joseph, ashery and grocery,
Dickinson, J.J., M.D.,
Dingwall, James, barrister,
Dixon, Rev. James, (Wesleyan)

Dunkin, Thomas, proprietor Ottawa Hotel,
Duncan, William, livery,
Flack & Van Arsdale, (D.A. Flack & Isaac H. Van Arsdale) stone ware manufacturers,

A Cornwall Edwardian gentleman by R. Douglas, ca. 1910.

1869 Directory:

Gallinger, William, blacksmith,
Gilley, James & Sons, blacksmiths,
Gilley, Peter, blacksmith,
Hepburn,  H. proprietor, Commercial Hotel.

As this letter paper shows, Hepburn had been replaced by J.D. McDonald as proprietor of the hotel by 1877,

1869 Directory,

Hessell, William, butcher,
Heudebourck, W.H. Rev. (Presbyterian),
Hill, William, general merchant,
Hodge, Andrew, flour and grist mills,
Hollister, W.G., agent Montreal Telegraph Co.,
Hunter, John, tinsmith,
Irons, William, painter,
Irving, James, carriage maker,
Jarvis, George S., County Court Judge,
Johnston, James, C., builder,
Joyce, Miss Margaret, confectionery and fancy goods,
Kewin Edwin, general merchant,
Kilgour, J. & Son, general merchant (J. Kilgour and James Kilgour),
Kissock, James,marble works.

  Another fine upstanding Cornwall couple.




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