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Was your family in Cornwall in 1867? Part II


A 19th century studio photo of a Cornwall lad dressed in Highland garb.

From the 1869, “Dominion Directory” for Cornwall.

Lewis, John, barber,
Littlefield, Mrs. Mary, billiard Room,
Lonney, John, blacksmith,
Lynch, Rev. Michael, (Roman Catholic),
Lynskey, Thomas, agent, Grand Trunk Railway,
McArthurm A.A. grocer,
McCracken, David, butcher,
McDonald, Alexander, cabinet maker,
McDonald, R., County Treasurer, Clerk County Court and Deputy Clerk Crown and Pleas,
McDonell, Angus, coroner,
McDonell, G. & D.,  general merchants,
McDonell, J.A., tailor,
McDougall, Alexander, dry good and crockery,
McDougall, John S., boots, shoes, harness and leather dealer,

A 19th century cabinet photo by H.W. Weber, Cornwall.

Photographer, Henry William Weber, 1866 – 1887.

Weber’s photographic studio was located opposite the Ottawa Hotel on Pitt in 1866.  At various times Weber was located in the rear of Pringle and Hawkes Drug Store and the 1st door north of Pringle’s drug store.  In 1884, Weber moved to 106 Pitt.  Weber sold his photographic business to his brother-in-law Nathan Moore in 1887 and became a stationer.

If you are interested in the history of photography locally, the Cornwall Community Museum has one copy left of PHOTOGRAPHERS OF EASTERN ONTARIO, CA. 1862 TO WORLD WAR 1, for $10, at the museum only.

If you are interested in books on local history, the Museum is the place to go, with numerous out-of-print and current titles available, below retail and used book store prices.

Back to the 1869 Directory,

McEniry, Michael, Railway Hotel,
McFarlane, Arch & Co., general merchants,
McIntosh, J.A., insurance and general agent,
McIntyre, D.E. sheriff,
McLean, Alexander, editor and proprietor of the “Freeholder.”

“Freeholder” letterhead, 1876.  The proprietor is now H. Sandfield MacDonald (John Sandfield’s son) is now the proprietor.

A Cornwall man by Weber, ca. 1880.

Back to the 1869 Directory of names,

McLean, Neil, insurance agent,
McLennan, Duncan, jailer,
McLennan, John B., (McDonald & McLennan),
McMahon, D. & Co., harness maker,
McMillan, D. & Co., general merchants,
McPhaul, Angus, general merchant,
McPhee, John, tin and hardware,
MacDonald, Hon. J. Sandfield, QC., MP., MPP., (McDonald & McLennan)

Back to the Directory of names, 1869,
Macdonald, R., MD.,
Macdonald & McLennan (Hon. J. Sandfield Macdonald, QC., and John B. McLennan), barrister,
Macdonell, D.A., general merchant,
Macdonald R.G., forwarder and grain merchant, GTR,
Mack, William, flouring and grist mills,
Martin, P.B., paper manufacturing,

1869 Directory,

Mattice, William & Sons (William Mattice, C.J. Mattice and Gregor Mattice, general merchants,
Mea, T.M., tailor,
Meyers, James, mason,
Miller, Donald, brick manufacturer,
Morsell, John, prop. foundry,
Munro, Duncan,
Ottawa Hotel, Thomas Dunkin, prop.,
Park, William, M., watchmaker,
Patton, Very Rev., J., D.D. (Church of England),

A carte-de-visit photograph of Rev. Patton by Weber.

Phelan, J.A., collector of canal tolls,
Pollock, Samuel, chief constable,
Portous, A. photographer.  In business ca. 1869 to ca. 1886.
Poole Charles, clerk, Division Court,
Pringle & Hawkes, (George Pringle, MD & James Hawkes, druggists,
Pringle, Jacob, assistant judge County Court.

A cabinet photograph of 4 Victorian women, by J.A. Noel, 1893 – circa 1906.







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