Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | June 6, 2017

Smuggling Cornwall Style, War of 1812.

Smuggling has been part of Cornwall’s history from the start.

It was a two way street, and during the War of 1812, an American Major even visited Cornwall to sell cattle to the opposing British Army!

This and other stories about Cornwall and the War of 1812 are found in the Museum publication of the same name, available at the museum only for $10.

British Army surgeon “Tiger” Dunlop noted while staying in Cornwall:

…a good-looking, middle-aged man, (Yankee) dressed a blue something that might have been a cross between a surtout and a great coat…was invited to sit down, (Shamrock and Thistle tavern Cornwall) and fill his glass, when the following dialogue took place.

Yankee. – I’,m Major_____ of Vermont State, and I would like to speak to the Colonel (“Red” George MacDonell, Glengarry Fencibles) in private, I guess, on particular business.

Colonel. – Anything you may have to say to me Sir, may be said with perfect safety in presence of this gentleman.

Major. – I’m a little in the smuggling line, I reckon.

Colonel. – Aye, and pray what have your smuggled?

Major. – Kettle, (cattle), I reckon.  I heered that the Col. wanted some very bad, so I just brought a hundred on ’em across at St. Regis, as fine critters, Col., as ever had hair on ’em.  So I drove them right up; the Col. can look at ‘e, hisself – they are right at the door here.

Colonel. – Well, what price do you ask for them?

Major. – Well Col. I expect about the same as other folks get, I conclude.

Colonel. – This is but reasonable, and you shall have it.


Along with publications printed at the museum, we also have a number of out of print local histories for sale.  One of the best is HORSE AND BUGGY DAYS IN MARTINTOWN, 1900 – 1940, by Rhodes Grant.

Our single signed copy is available to the first buyer for only $20.


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