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Was your family in Cornwall in 1867, part III.

A pre World War I cabinet photograph by Thomas Lafleur.

Many people think that Lafleur was French-Canadian, he was acutally the son of an Ulsterman, who married a French-Canadian woman in Montreal.

This photograph shows the creeping militarism in pre Western culture with the boy dressed as a cadet, likely at Central.


A viewer asked where are the French names in these lists?

It should be pointed out that at Confederation Cornwall’s French speaking population was not large.  Growth did not occur for another few years until the expansion of the cotton mills.

In 1861 the Census shows that Cornwall had 1,915 people, and only 11 said that they were from Quebec, a number that is likely too low as there were 669 Roman Catholics in town.

A decade later Cornwall had 2,033 people:  1,457 English speaking; 1,086 French-Canadians.

In 1881, there were 1,323 French-Canadians in Cornwall out of a total of 4,468.

Unfortunately the Dominion Directory of 1869 used to list the names of people living in Cornwall only names those people that subscribed to it, leaving out the majority of local families and highlighting politicians, lawyers, government employees and business people.

Finally, many French-Canadians lived next to the factories they worked at in Cornwall Township, meaning that they would not be included in the Cornwall Census.

Dominion Directory, 1869, Cornwall:

Rattray, Charles, M.D.,
Robishaw, Oliver, baker,
Ross, A. P., carriage-maker,
Ross, Gordon, mason,
Ross, William, barrister,
Skeith, J., druggist,
Skeith, John, stoves and tinware,

Photo., ca. 1890.





Smary, John, steamboat agent,
Smith, Daniel, M.D.,
Smith, William, carriage maker,
Smythe, Robert, shoemaker,
Snetsinger, John, builder,
Styles, Homer, blacksmith,
Sullivan, Daniel, painter,

DID YOU KNOW that the local French-Canadian priests would often change the Irish name Sullivan into Sylvain?

Uncle Joe Markell, Cornwall







Talbot, Angus, carpenter,
Talbot, John, carpenter,
The Freeholder, (weekly), Alexander McLean, editor and prop.
Turner, N., hardware,
Urquhart, Rev. Hugh, D.D. (Presbyterian),

A carte-de-visite by Cornwall photographer Henry Weber, of the Rev. H. Urquhart.






Van Alstine, John, baker,
Wagner, Adam, innkeeper,
Wagner, William, J., watchmaker and jeweler,
Warrington, William, proprietor, Farmer’s Hotel,
Warwick, John, manager, Cornwall Manufacturing Co.,
Wegeant, R.G., dentist,
Weber, H.W., photographer,
Wildon, Thomas, tailor,
Wilson, D., baker and grocer,
Wood, George, C., postmaster and Registrar County Stormont,
Worsley, John shoemaker.

Starting July 1st, 2017 the Museum will feature an exhibit covering Cornwall from 1867 to 2017.

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