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Was your family living in Mille Roches at the time of Confederation?

A pre World War I postcard showing the swing bridge at Mille Roches, Ontario.




The posts listing prominent families in Cornwall at the time of Confederation made me think readers might enjoy a list of the prominent families in Mille Roches in 1869.  Remember that the list is not complete and that you had to pay to be in the Directory like the telephone book today.

From the Anderson Directory of Ontario, 1869.

MILLE ROCHES – A Village on the Long Sault, or Cornwall Canal, and Station of the Grand Trunk Railway, in the Township of Cornwall, County Stormont, 6 miles for Cornwall, the County Town, and 261 from Toronto.  Money order office.

Population 450.

Andrews, Rev. W. (Wesleyan),
Annable, Hiram, farmer,
Armstrong, James, farmer,
Bisbee, S.W., cabinet maker,
Cutler, Guy, wagon maker,

A  late 19th century stereoscope photograph of Mille Roches.



Derousie, Louis, general merchant,
Frank, Martin, cooper,
Gravity, John, farmer,
Harrison, Henry, general merchant,
Kegar, (Kezar?) W., general merchant,

T.W. and A.A. Carpenter acquired Kezar’s business around 1898.

The 1901 “Freeholder” notes:  “No place is better known along the front than this store, at which a large proportion of the people of Cornwall Township do their trading, and under the new management the patronage has steadily increased until it has assumed proportions which many a larger place might envy.”

“The Messrs. Carpenters are natives of Mille Roches, and popular young men, with a thorough knowledge of the requirements of the locality, and their enterprise and up to date methods have so far been rewarded beyond their most sanguine expectations, so much so that their present premises are entirely too small and will be enlarged and remodeled in the near future.  The average country shop is in its way a departmental store, and the stock carried by the Messrs. Carpenter is unusually large and varied, including dry-goods, groceries, boots and shoes, crockery, hardware, paints and oils, harness, etc; in fact there is hardly any article in use by the ordinary householder that they cannot supply or procure on very short notice”

…the story continues, but back to the directory.

McConnell, Hugh, tailor,
McDonald, D.D., carpenter,
McNairn, Elisha, farmer,
McRea, Duncan, general merchant,
Marsh, John, farmer,
Moss, S.H., postmaster,
Mendoch, Alexander, shoemaker,
Phillips, H.G., proprietor Travelers Home Hotel,
Prosser, W.O., teacher,

G.F. Harvey Co., Mille Roches.  Built 1896. aka Bennett and Messecher’s.


Robertson, Theodore and James, proprietors flouring and saw mills,

Tax Bill for George Robertson, 1873.




Roys, Evan, farmer,
Roys, William, farmer,
Roys, William A., farmer,
Snetsinger, J.G., general merchant
Tait, David, J.P., farmer,
Tait, Mary M., general merchant
Tilton, Joseph, senior, farmer,
Wood, William, D., proprietor saw and flouring mills,
Wood, W.D. & J., manufacturers of woolen goods.

Grand Trunk Railway Station, Mille Roches.







“No Road Back” by Donald Stuart is just one of the many local history books for sale at the Cornwall Community Museum, price $5.00







The museum also has a used copy of Leonard O’Dette’s fascinating history of Dickinson Landing for only $5.

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