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Document of the Week. 1808 letter from (Sir) John Johnson to Captain Joseph-Maurice LaMothe

Quebec 3rd Feby 1808


I am directed by Governor in Chief to say that through Mr. Montigny, who was not in the Department before, is now appointed Resident for the Village of St. Regis he will not be unmindful of you or your Sons Pretentions, which are now under consideration.  In hopes soon to have the satisfaction of Communicating to you a favourable result.

I have the honor to be

Your most obedient

Humble Servant

Captain LaMothe                                 John Johnson

Stampless cover for the letter above.


de John Johnson

Captain LaMothe


This document written and signed by Cornwall’s founder was acquired by the museum in 1992.

The “son” referred to was Militia Captain Joseph-Maurice LaMothe, born in Montreal in 1781 and died in 1827.  Lamothe was the son of Joseph Lamothe (who the letter is addressed to) who served as resident Indian agent at Lac-des-Deux-Montagnes (Oka).  Lamothe was named Indian Agent for the Dept. of Montreal in 1812.  Lamothe saw action at the Battle of Chateauguay.

(Sir) John Johnson led a contingent of United Empire Loyalists to found the present city of Cornwall on June 6, 1784.  The Cornwall Community Museum was sited to overlook the 1784 founding of Cornwall.ut in one of those very peculiar fates of history, some five years after the Museum was opened, Public Washrooms were built on the location of the original Loyalist encampment.  A plaque to the Loyalist Landing was subsequently placed in what would have been a swamp in 1784.


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