Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | June 29, 2017

Driving from Iroquois to Montreal on old Highway Number 2, circa 1925.

Take a road trip with me along old Highway Number 2 during the late 1920s by following the directions of this vintage travel guide.

The guide starts in Windsor, but I am going to begin at

PRESCOTT – (drive) through.  Go under viaduct.

Keep right at fork (Road to left is to Ottawa).

Pass CARDINAL on right across canal bridge.

IROQUOIS -through

MORRISBURG – through

Main Street, Morrisburg, postcard.


AULTSVILLE – through

Highway 2 going West (we are traveling East), Aultsville.

FARRAN’S POINT – through

Postcard, Main Street, Farran’s Point.



MOULINETTE – through

1939 AD.

MILLE ROCHE, curve right through

Cross R.R.

A road sign pointing to the Long Sault Rapids.

CORNWALL – keep ahead on 2nd St.

Second Street West, looking east.

Turn right at cross streets on to Marlborough St.

Turn left at cross streets on to Water St. (Montreal Road)

Cross Bridge over river (Gray’s Creek)

Curve left at fork

LANCASTER – turn right at the cross roads.


ST. ZOTIQUE – through


curve left at locks and beyond and go under R.R. viaduct following canal on right

CASCADES – turn left and end of road

cross bridge over river

DORIN – curve right at Fort

stop, pay toll 25 cents and cross long bridge over river

turn sharp right at end of bridge

curve left at fork

turn left at end of road at gas station

turn right just before Ry

stop pay toll 25 cents at end of bridge

fork left on to approach of long bridge over river

turn right at irregular cross roads

ST. ANNE DE BELLEVILLE – turn left at end of street

turn left on left hand road and just beyond turn right

curve right through cross roads

curve left at end of road

POINT CLARE – through

fork right at traffic signal

LACHINE – through

go under R.R. viaduct

turn left across bridge over R.R. then right

WEST MONTREAL – turn left on left hand street at town hall

cross R.R. immediately turn right on to Sherbrooke St. following same

MONTREAL – at Sherbrooke and Peel St. (right on Peel St. is to Dominion Square.

Or you could run the rapids.

Follow the river route in THE LIVING RIVER – SECRETS OF THE ST. LAWRENCE, available for $30 at the Cornwall Community Museum or Coles/Chapter/ Indigo in Eastern Ontario.

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