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Cornwall General Hospital – 1897

Rules for Patients


  1. Patients on admission to the Hospital must have a bath, unless orders to the contrary are given by the Attending Medical Attendant.
  2. Patients having their friends in or near Cornwall, must bring sufficient changes of night clothes, which their friends must supply them clean when necessary.
  3. Patients having money or articles of jewellery must leave them in charge of the Lady Superintendent before going into the ward.
  4. Not more than two visitors will be admitted at once to see any patient.
  5. Patients must be in their proper places in the wards at meal times and during the visits of physicians and surgeons, and always at. 8 o’clock at night, and no patient shall leave the Hospital grounds at any time, or be absent at the hour of morning visit without special leave from the Lady Superintendent.
  6. Patients must be quiet and exemplary in their behaviour and conform strictly to the rules and regulations of the Hospital, and carry out all orders and prescriptions of the various officers of the establishment.
  7. No indecent or immoral conduct will be tolerated. The use of tobacco in any form (except under medical authority) is strictly prohibited. Loud talking or unnecessary noise of any kind in wards or corridors is forbidden.
  8. No male patient shall, under any pretence whatever, enter the apartments or wards for the females, nor shall a female patient enter the apartments of wards for males, without express orders from the Medical Attendant or Lady Superintendent.
  9. No patient shall use or allow their friends to bring them anything whatever without permission from the Medical Attendant.
  10. Every patient shall retire to bed at 9 p.m. from First May to First November, and at 8 p.m. from November to May; and those who are able shall rise at 6 a.m. in the Summer and 7 a.m. in the Winter.
  11. Such patients as are able, in the opinion of the physicians and surgeons, shall assist in nursing others, or in services as the Lady Superintendent may require.
  12. Patients are not allowed in any way to interfere with or remove their diet cards or charts from the wards.
  13. Patients must not take away bottles, labels or appliances when leaving the Hospital.
  14. No patient shall enter into the basement storey, operating theatre, or any of the officers’ or attendants’ rooms, except by permission of an officer of the Hospital.
  15. Patients in private wards may be visited by their friends at any suitable hour in the day time. Friends only shall remain with patients over night by special permission of the Attending physician who may in all cases and at all times exercise discretionary powers as to excluding or admitting visitors.
  16. No eatables or liquors of any kind shall be taken into wards by visitors, but if brought by them, must be left with the Lady Superintendent, marked with the name of the patient for whom they were intended, to be examined by the Medical Officer, who will allow or refuse their use, as he may see proper.
  17. Any patient bringing spirituous liquors into the Hospital or the grounds, or found intoxicated, will be discharged.
  18. Whenever patients misbehave or violate any of the standing rules of the Hospital, the Attending Physician may remove or discharge them, as provided by clauses 91 and 93 of Rules for Medical Staff.

How times have changed!

CGH_Nurses_1897-11_2020-15.1_WMCornwall General Hospital Nurses- November, 1898 (Class of 1900)

Miss Eleanor H. Linton, Miss Davis (Supt), Miss Grace Putman
Miss Horner, Miss Florence Pitts, Miss Nellie Goodhue (Head of operating room)
Miss Alexa Walker, Miss Kellock

Our thanks to Doug Meek for finding and donating this nurses’ photo.


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