Posted by: Manager / Associate Curator | July 15, 2017

Sam’s Garage – a father/son landmark

Sam Laundrie appears to have opened his auto garage sometime between 1938 and 1946. According to the 1937 City Directory, at that time he was working for Canada Cottons and living in his parent’s home at 342 7th St. W. The 1951 City Directory has him still at the same residence, but operating his garage at 645 Cumberland St. near 7th.

In 1954 the City Directory as well as his Yellow Pages ad show his business address to be 334 7th St. W. Perhaps the phone was located in his residence at that time. The 1956 Yellow Pages ad shows the actual garage address on Cumberland St.

These ca. 1949 photos of his sister Julia Filion’s family give glimpses of the original frame garage, which was small and set well back from the street. At the time, the Filions lived in the bungalow to the south of the garage. In the photo on the right, the family homestead on the corner is visible and the garage is clearly southeast of the house, whereas the replacement garage begins to the southwest.

Sam’s son, Dave, recalls carrying the large bricks, at the age of 11 or 12, around the garage site. The new brick block structure was erected around the older wooden garage. Around 1959 when the new garage was ready, the old building was levelled.

Labour Day Parades were quite popular here in the 1950s and Sam generally entered a float. Providing entertainment on the float were Paul Poupart and the Boys. Note the placard: “Sam’s Garage: You break ’em, we fix ’em.”


Dave started to help out his dad at the age of 14 (1961) after school and on weekends. He undertook his apprenticeship with Sam and was certified in 1971 at St. Lawrence College.



Dave (pictured here with his wife Rollie on their 45th wedding anniversary) is now enjoying a well-deserved retirement; the last date he worked was March 29, 2017. The signage had since been painted over because the new owner was using the shop exclusively to service his own commercial vehicles, before deciding to rent it to another business.

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