Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | July 16, 2017

Camp Kagama, Sheik’s Island.

A postcard showing a line of tents at Camp Kagama on Sheik’s Island,

The camp was formed in 1936 by Rev. Narcisse McLaren of the Moose Creek United Church.  Dedicated to the “welfare of all children” the camp became a project of the Stormont-Glengarry Council of Christian Education.

The camp was a victim of the St. Lawrence Seaway Project  when the island was drowned.  It closed in 1956 to reopen at a new location in 1962.

I believe that this group photograph marks the reopening of the camp in 1962 on Morrison Island.

1st row:  Audrey B; Judy Little; Bernice J; Beth J; Mrs. Pearl; Mrs. Burton; Kathy E; Jean W; Elaine; Susan S; Mrs. James; Mrs. Gallinger; Mary A; the cooks – Barbara and James.

2nd row:  Mary J; Debbie R; Mary D; Gail B; Myron M; Cheryl W; Wendy C; Holly M; Donna D; Sharon L; Jean B; Mary M; Karen H.

3rd row:  Bill P; Kathy M; Audrey W; Lynn M; Joyce B; Helen B; Beverley M; Wendy M; Lee M; Donna Miller; Judy L; Janice M; Brenda M; Linda M; Susan J; Robert J.




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