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Fifth Wheel Truck Stop, Cornwall.

The caption on this “Standard-Freeholder” photograph dated December 2, 1977 reads:  “New Fifth Wheel Truck Stop opened this week.  The motel-restaurant complex at McConnell Ave., near Highway 401 is specially designed to cater to truckers.  Mayor Gerald Parisien was guest of honour at the ceremony and sliced a huge loaf of bread.  From left are Jim Powers, owner, Mayor Parisien, Claude Warren, owner, Ray Duhaime from Menard Construction and Lewis Loveridge, owner.

1992 5th Wheel brochure.

The 5th Wheel Truck Stop, 1901 McConnell at 401.

Throughout the 1990s the 5th Wheel Truck Stop became a favourite place for teenagers to tell their parents they going to for a coffee after midnight.  (any excuse would do as long as it could be plausible.)

Cornwall’s 5th Wheel was opened on Dec. 2, 1977.  The chain of highway stops started in 1972 and in 2006 had six locations across Ontario.

In 2005 the Cornwall 5th Wheel franchise was operated by Rob and Caroline Short.  The complex included gas, propane and diesel fuel, a truck scale, a 24 hour restaurant, and store, a motel, laundry mat, arcade, R.V. dumping station, drug and alcohol testing, barber shop, a non-denominational chapel, and one of Ontario’s privately owned travel centre parking lots, capable of holding 250 full tractor trailers and 200 cars.

The 5th Wheel in 2000.

2009 brochure.

5th Wheel welcome_Robt LefebvreRobert Lefebvre sent us this image to share with you.

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