Posted by: Manager / Associate Curator | July 23, 2017

Ed. Warner’s – From Livery to Taxi to Auto Dealership/Garage

Ed Warner started Cornwall’s first taxi service in 1911. Located at 30-32 2nd St W when it succumbed to fire on November 29, 1951, the taxi, car dealership and service garage was then sandwiched between the Cornwallis Hotel and Shirley’s Lunch. Previously, ca. 1930 we see the business operating from the next block at 29 2nd St E, near Warner’s residence at 35 2nd St E.

This recently donated 15” ruler was likely issued in the 1940s. Wes Dunbar and Ed Anderson are noted on the ruler.

Among the related artifacts in our Archives are:

    • 1924-03-04 Invoice – E.D. Warner Auto Livery and Garage
    • 1924-11-01 Statement – E.D. Warner (McLaughlin, Buick, Star)
    • 1925-08-01 – E.D. Warner (McLaughlin-Buick, Star, Willys-Overland ) – Taxi 105, Garage 14J
    • 1926 – Near King George Hotel (McLaughlin-Buick, Willys-Knight, Overland, Pontiac) & Taxi

    • 1930 ad – Warner’s Garage / Ed. Warner, 29 2nd St E
      (Buick, Pontiac, Cadillac, LaSalle, G.M.C. trucks)

  • 1931 Bell Dir – bus 29 2nd E, res. 35 2nd St E.
  • 1939 17 employees earning $22,475.55, finished products worth $176,959.16
  • 1940-12-28 – Ed. Warner (Cadillac, LaSalle, Dodge, DeSoto)
    • Sale to Glen-Stor-Dun FARM (this was the Glebe House of Refuge from 1912-1952)
  • 1941 16 male employees earning $28,267.47, finished goods worth $266,687.08
  • 1942 13 male employees earning $23,637.44, finished goods (sales) worth $135,000
  • 1947 Invoice – Ed. Warner Limited (Chrysler, Plymouth, Fargo Trucks)

Warner_1954-03-17This March, 1954  advertisement reveals the business then operating at 120 Augustus Street (Cornwall Housing apartments there today on the former Dominion Store site.)

This is a sampling of the many items in the Archives at your Cornwall Community Museum.


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