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Cornwall Township – School Section 13.


Memorandum of Agreement made this 4th day of January 1897 between the Public School Trustees of Section No. 13 in the Township of Cornwall and Mary E. Eamon of the Village of Wales, in the Township of Osnabruck, the holder of a Second Class Certificate of qualification, as a Public School Teacher in Ontario, as follows.

  1.  The Trustess hereby employ here for their said school, such teacher, at the yearly salary of $230 for the term of one year, beginning on the 4th day of January, 1897, and further agree that they and their successors in office will pay such salary to the said teacher, and will exercise all powers, and perform all duties under the Public School Act and Regulations of the Education Dept. which may be requisite for making such payment.
  2.   The teacher agrees to teach and conduct the said school during the said term, according to the said Law and Regulations in that behalf.
  3.   The foregoing is subject to the following conditions:-

i That the teacher shall continue to be the holder of a legal Certificate of qualification as a Public School Teacher in Ontario.

ii That the days on which the teacher has attended the meetings of Teachers’ Associations, as certified by the Inspector or

Chairman thereof shall be allowed her, as if she had actually taught in the said school.

iii  That in the case sickness, as certified by a registered Medical Practioner, she shall be entitled to receive her salary without deductions for such period as may be authorised under the statute in that behalf.

iv  The Trustees and the Teacher, may at their option respectively terminate this engagement by giving notice in writing to the other of them, at least two calendar months previously, and so as to terminate on the last day of the calendar month.

v  This agreement shall also be construed to continue in force from year to year, unless and until it is terminated by the notice, herein before prescribed.

As witness the corporate seal of the said Trustees and the hand of the Teacher, on the day and year first above mentioned.

Mary E. Eamon…Teacher

Philip T. Empey

S.S. Brownell

Finch Ontario, August 29th, 1924.

Mr. N.J. Robinson, Monkland Station, Ont.

Dear Sir:

In reply to your letter of Aug. 20th, I beg leave to state that the Trustee Board is NOT LEGALLY obliged to supply a teacher with a boarding place – and there is no limitation as to the amount per month that she must pay – that matter can be settled only between herself and the party engaging to board her.  Of course, if the Board can accommodate a teacher by telling her where she can get lodging – she should be thankful – as it is sometimes difficult for a stranger to get a suitable place in a section.

Yours Respectfully

James Froats

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