Posted by: Manager / Associate Curator | July 30, 2017

Paul Denis Dry Cleaner – Riverview

Paul Denis Dry Cleaner got its start in Riverview on east side of Alice Street between Walton and 1st St. E. The address was previously listed as the family home. The centre of Alice Street was the dividing line between the historic Cornwall Township neighbourhoods of Lorneville and Riverview.

And the building is still standing (2017), now used as a warehouse for a nearby furniture chain.

Their 1952 Bell Yellow Pages Directory listing indicates the original address of 340 Alice Street.

Two years later, their listing also shows a “branch store” at 609 Montreal Road.

A 1959 Directory indicates that the branch had re-located across the street at 606 Montreal Road.

This 1963 newspaper ad suggests that they were completely back at their plant location as do their 1967 and 1968 Yellow Pages listings.

By 1970 the plant is augmented by a depot at the Eastcourt Mall.

In 1975 a Pitt Street north-end depot was also in operation.

In 1989, the Alice Street plant and Easctourt mall locations had swapped roles.

In 1993, a long-time competitor took over what remained of the Paul Denis business. Daigneault Cleaners began back in 1929.

Prior to launching out on his own, in 1937 Paul Denis was a presser at Gareau Cleaner.

And in 1951 he was employed as a mill hand.

These promotional pocket squares served two purposes. By keeping one peaking out of a jacket breast pocket, the well-dressed man had a finished look to his suit during a more formal era. It also kept a calendar within arm’s reach.

The pocket squares shown above are from a large collection donated to the Museum recently. What’s in your closet waiting to be shared? Contact us at .


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