Posted by: Manager / Associate Curator | July 31, 2017

Ponderosa, Red Barn, Moviola and Frank Vetere’s

Until the late 1960’s, the west side of Brookdale Avenue between the Brookdale (Woolco) Mall and the Towne Line Bowling had not been developed for retail purposes as is the case now. The photo above was taken prior to the construction of the Brookdale Mall.

1969 saw the Red Barn open at 1110 Brookdale Avenue (photo above – above the tracks) and remain until 1973.

Red Barn_Robert LefebvreRobert Lefebvre passed us this Red Barn photo to share with you.

In 1973, the Ponderosa Steak House opened next door at 1106 Brookdale Avenue. Ponderosa_1981-10-01Managers seemed to change frequently. John Belcarz was there in 1973; Rex Liddle was at the helm in 1978; in 1982 Cathy Pitts took a stab at it and in 1984 Vance Vandermark had his turn.

The chain closed its doors in Cornwall in 1985. 1106 Brookdale Avenue is now home to East Side Mario’s.

In the photo above, across the street from the Red Barn is Zappia’s.

Wolverine CAMERAAfter the Red Barn closed, Dansk Factory Outlet opened there for a time. The Red Barn building was moved to the Long Sault area.
Here is one of Dansk’s newspaper ads from 1978.

Dansk was followed by Frank Vetere’s Pizzeria from 1980 until 1985.

Moviola Cafe arrived in 1986 and closed in 1995 when it lost its liquor licence for not paying $180,000 in outstanding retails sales taxes.

Moviola Cafe_ad_1988-09-02Several months later the facility was destroyed by fire to be replaced by the short-lived Nickels, which was operated by Steve Kamburis, Jim Polidor and Marco Debres.

1110 Brookdale_Nickel_2005-02-01_CRNickel’s closed in March 2004 due to poor sales and was demolished in January/February of 2005.

Shoeless Joe’s now occupies that 1110 Brookdale Avenue location.


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