Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | August 25, 2017

Unforgotten MARY MACK Cornwall’s First Lady by Ginette Guy.

Hot off the press today – available at the Cornwall Community Museum for $15 and soon to be available at the Lost Villages Museum.   174 pages, illustrated.

Cover photograph:  Miss Mary Mack at the June 2, 1953, coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.  The tiara she is wearing will be on display at the book launch to be held at the museum on September 16 from 2 pm to 4 pm.

Jim Brownell, President of the Lost Villages Historical Soc., has this to say about the Historical Society’s latest publication.

Having had the opportunity to know Miss Mary Mack for some of the early years of my lifetime, I must say that Ginette Guy has brought the story of this remarkable woman’s life to readers in a most interesting way.  For many who knew her, Miss Mack was, indeed, Cornwall’s First Lady, and “Unforgotten” will, for years to come, allow the story of her life to be known and remembered by all of us.

Mary Mack, had a remarkable life that brought her to distant lands and to seek wonderful opportunities in the “arts”, whether in expressing her own artistic talents or being associated with the best of the best.  When reading of Mary’s contacts with A.Y. Jackson and other important Canadian and international artists, I totally understood why Mary had that special “flair”!  Having seen Mary in her impeccably fashioned dresses and suits, with her hair perfectly coiffed, I now understand how she could fit in so well with the “rich and famous”.  Beyond that, though, was Mary’s ability to listen, with understanding and compassion, to those with social and economic problems.  She was a “people’s person”, always ready to help one and all in her community.  This care for community was in her blood, and this certainly help to draw her to the political scene, whether through municipal, provincial, or federal affiliations.

Alderman Mary Mack, on Cornwall City Council, 1948.

“Unforgotten” is a study, through careful research and documentation, of the life and times of a woman who had opportunities to associate with royalty and paupers, but who always had the heart to share he big wide world with others.  Whether through her love for the arts, her political life, her care with so many community agencies, and her love for family, Ginette has unfolded Mary Mack’s fascinating story in a most interesting manner.

I thought I knew Mary Mack, but this book has opened many unopened windows into the life of Cornwall’s First Lady.


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