Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | October 18, 2017

Artifact of the Week – Original painting advertising TENASCO cord for tires, Courtaulds (Canada) Ltd.

An original oil painting by Canadian artist Franklin Arbuckle, RCA, to advertise TENASCO cord for vehicle tires, made by Courtaulds (Canada) Ltd.

Born in Toronto, Arbuckle made his living from the sale of his paintings and teaching at such institutions as the Ontario College of Art.

This painting was saved from the scrap pile by former Courtaulds’ employee Ransom Ledoux.

A print rendition of the above painting.

Throughout the months of October and November, 2017 the Cornwall Community Museum will be featuring an exhibit of photographs, documents and artifacts from Courtaulds (Canada) Ltd., Cornwall, marking the 25th anniversary of its closure.

This 1950s photograph shows workers leaving work.  The plant made rayon filament yarn and staple fibre.  This photograph was taken just after the firm completed a $15 million expansion.  Employing some 2,000 people the caption on the back of the image states “It is one of the reasons why Cornwall is a strong “wage earner” town.Charles Andrews at work in Courtaulds.

N. Sauve, Courtaulds.

This photograph is from A SOUVENIR BOOK OF COURTAULDS IN CORNWALL, 1924 TO 1992.

May 7, 1956.  Left to right:  Henry Morgan, Mrs. R.J. Kerr-Muir, Brindley Taylor, Mayor A. Horovitz, R.J. Kerr-Muir, N.I. Battista.

Products made by Courtaulds, 1987.  The caption reads, “Fabrics from the Courtaulds (Canada) plant in Cornwall appear in just about every Canadian home.  One typical product is J-Cloth, which is made by Johnson and Johnson from rayon fabric made in Cornwall.  Another is the fabric softener Bounce which is made by Proctor and Gamble using Cornwall Fibre.”

“At least three-quarters of the fibre which is made goes for export.  Cornwall fibre is to found as far away as homes in Australia, Venezuala and Ireland.”

Fabrics made with Viscose.

S. Mackay-Smith, T. Fairbarin, Col. C.D. Corwin, W.C. Robinson George Revell.  1954.

The spinning room of one of four shops of Courtaulds (Canada) Ltd, Rayon Mill, Cornwall.  A large amount of experimental work has been carried on in this mill, as well as a large percentage of rayon produced  going into war work (WW II) production.  Rayon thread of up to 90 strands is produced in such large quantities here as will put a band around the world every two hours.




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