Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | November 5, 2017

Upper Canada stampless envelope – Winchester, West Williamsburg, Cornwall, 1847.

Sent June 29th from Winchester, to West Williamsburg on July 2nd and onto Cornwall the same day, 1847.

sent to:  James Miller, Esq., Superintendent of Schools, Cornwall.

James Miller Esq.  Superintendent of Schools.

Sir we made our Return of the Children of School District No. 10 in the Township of Winchester to Mr. G. Lang and expect you have them if you have the Returns you Will find that we Returned the Children on the North Side of the River as the ___ ___ them up to the time of making Returns on the 31st day of December Last and as no others can claim them Lawfully and as the Children are all coming to our school and the parents have been Rated by the Council to build the school house and have signed A Petition to be restored to District No. 10 if the trustees of District No. __ have returned the Children on the North Side of the River they ____ not theirs them but the were ours.

We therefore Respectfully Request you to grant us the allowance of money for them Children.

Dear sir I wish to inform you that at our quarterly Examination to Miss Cameron got the Praise By our Councillor to be the Best School in Winchester and we have an average of between 35 and 40 Children a day.

Dear sir Remember our School District and have it Restored we have Praise in our District.

and if we have your influence we Will git our District Returned and our Children Educated  and our Children’s Lives saved in not sending them over the River as their has Lives been Lost this spring and your ____ Remembered.

Remember our Little Children and Do not Let them go over that River to School if it is in your Power.

We Remain yours most Respectfully
Winchester June 24, 27, 47  J.C. Fetterly, Peter Bogart, George Markley, Trustees.

Answer this if you Please

and the money Left in W.G. Lang’s hands belonging to our District of years past if Posabile Let us have it this year to Pay our own teacher.

Let us know.

if our Children must be Reported or not Let is know Next Mail if you Please.

This letter was donated to the Museum’s archives by Murray Barkley in 2010.


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