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Fraserfield, Williamstown, Ontario.

A 19th century drawing of Fraserfield, Williamstown, donated to the Cornwall Community Museum in 1993 by Mrs. C. Vaughan of Kingston.  The following photographs and manuscript are from this donation.

Manuscript possible date, ca 1920:      FRASER  (Frazer)

Col. and Mrs. Honourable Alexander Fraser of Fraserfield in the Township of Charlottenburg and County of Glengarry.  His wife is Annie Macdonell Lick.  Col. Fraser was born near Fort Augustus, Inverness Shire, Scotland and came with his father, mother, brothers and sisters to Canada early in the present century.  The family settled in the Township of Charlottenburg.  At the breaking out of the war with the United States in 1812 Alexander Fraser was appointed quartermaster of the Canadian Fencible Infantry Regiment, commanded by Col. Peters.  When the Regiment was disbanded at the close of the war, he settled on a farm, at lot 39 and 40 in the first Concession of Charlottenburg, north of the River Aux Raisins, to which he added by purchasing lands until the whole property comprised 1,200 acres.

Fraserfield, 1988 before restoration.

Fraserfield was built for Col. Fraser in 1817.  It is still inhabited.

He was Col. of the 1st Regiment of Glengarry Militia from 1822 until his death.  He represented the County of Glengarry in the Provincial Parliament of Upper Canada for 8 years.  He was Warde of the District and County Council from 1842 to 1850, Registrar of the County of Glengarry for 10 or 12 years before his death and was for several years a member of the Legislative Council of Canada.

Living Room, ca. 1993.

During the Rebellion of 1837 his Regiment of Militia was on duty under his command during the winters of 1838 and 1839, a portion of the time in Lower Canada.

He died in 1853 at the age of 68.  His wife Anne Macdonell Lick, survived him until 1861.  When she died at the age of 64.  His brother Paul was in the Hudson’s Bay Co., his brother Donald was in business in Williamstown and his brother Malcolm got their father’s farm.

Front Hall ceiling, ca. 1993.

One of his sisters married Mr. Waters of the Cedars, another married John Fraser of Lachine.  Their son, John Fraser, now owns the homestead there, which is believed to have been owned more than 200 years ago by the famous explorer, the Sieur de la Salle, and their son Hugh founded the Fraser Institute Montreal.  Anne Macdonell Lick, the wife of Col. A. Fraser, was a daughter of Archibald  Macdonell and his wife, who was of the family of Balrain Lick…Archibald Macdonell was a son of John Macdonell of Lick and his wife Jane Chisholm, daughter of Alexander Chisholm of Chisholm.  Col. Fraser had by his wife Anne Macdonnel Lick, four daughters; Anne, Catherine, Isabella and Mary; 2 sons, Archibald and Alexander.

First floor parlour, circa 1993.

Anne Fraser married Daniel Eugene McIntyre, M.D., Sheriff of the United Counties of SD & G.  They had 7 children.

Mary, died when young.  A daughter of Anne and a son of Alexander F. McIntyre who married Helen Macdonald daughter of Ranald Sandfield Macdonald of Lancaster, Ontario,by whom he had 3 daughters, Christine,Gwendoline and Janet, and 2 sons, Donald and Ranald Eugene.  Anne married George G. Jarvis of Cornwall, son of Judge Jarvis.  A son died in infancy.

Second floor bedroom, ca. 1993.

Catherine Fraser married the Hon. Donald Alexander Macdonald, who represented the County of Glengarry in the Provincial Parliament from 1858 till 1867 and the Dominion from 1868 till 1875 when he was appointed Lt- Gov. of Ontario (To.) which office he held until the summer of 1880.  His wife Catherine died sometime in 1865, leaving a family of 4 daughters and a son.

Daughters were Anne, Margaret, Ida and Mary.  One son was Alexander George Fraser.  Several sons died early in boyhood.

Anne never married.

Margaret married Sir William Hingston, MD of Montreal and has a family of 4 sons.

William, a Jesuit Priest.

Donald.  A medical man, married Lillian Peterson, daughter of Peter Peterson, Civil Engineer, issue 5 daughters.

Basil, married Bertha Larocque of Montreal, issue – Basil and Eileen.  Their father died in the Great War of 1914.

Eileen drowned at Varennes, P.Q.

Harold, married Elizabeth Brown, issue 2 sons.

Ida, married Thomas McCarthy of Syracuse.  Her death tool place in Alexandria.

Mary, married George Campbell MacDougall of Montreal, broker, by whom a daughter Beatrice lives.


The Museum has more interior shots of Fraserfield in its collection.

Alexander George Fraser Macdonald married Eugenie Hubert, by whom 4 daughters and 7 sons were born.

Isabella Fraser married Jacob Farrand Pringle, issue 10 children, 5 daughters and 5 sons.

Mary Fraser married James Dunbar Pringle.

Archibald Fraser married Mary Scott, daughter of Wm. Scott of Prescott, M.D. and his wife Sarah Macdonell, daughter of Allan Macdonell, who died leaving issue 4 daughters 2 sons Alexander and Chisholm.

Alexander married Miss Lillie Shaw by whom there was a son Berford Archibald.

Harriet Isabella married F.A. Anglin of To., who is Chief Justice of the Surpreme Court in Toronto, issue 3 daughters 2 sons.

Catherine unmarried.

Sarah married – Leaske – Anne Alex and Chisholm  died.



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