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Stampless letter to West Williamsburg P.O., Upper Canada 1833.

A stampless letter sent from Quebec, Dec. 10, 1833, to George Reddington, Esq., Waddington.  Known as a “drop letter”, the sender sent this letter to Upper Canada to be picked up by the American recipient when it arrived.

From 1830 to 1851 the Post Office in what was to become Morrisburg , was called West Williamsburg, after the Township it was located in.  In 1851, under the direction of H.G. Stearns, it was renamed Morrisburg, after James  Morris (1798 – 1865), the United Canada’s first postmaster general from 1851 to 1853.

Quebec 10 December 1833.

George Reddington, Esq.

Dear Sir

We have at last made out to to close sales of your white pine, the delivery of which at the sale in Oct. was only completed a short time ago.  We have not made you any charges for measurement, nor have we charged anything but back culling on that sold the ___ . We found it impossible to obtain our 2 1/2 for it without dress and we enclosed it for your instruct to incur that refund.  We are glad to say it has turned out better than ____ ___, the balance 218 pounds, 5 shillings and 1 pence currency.  We have placed to the credit of Messrs H. Gates & Co. as cash 31 Dec.

We are Dear Sir

Yours truly

James Murray & Co.

George Reddingto was your typical 19th century “Yankee” entrepreneur.  Born in Vermont, he was a lawyer, land speculator, lumber entrepreneur and even served as U.S. Consul to Canada at Prescott.

Go on-line to find out more about this fascinating character.

This document was purchased in 2004 on ebay.

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