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McIntyre and Campbell Cornwall, Ontario.

McIntyre and Campbell, 116 – 118, Pitt St.

Established in 1869 by John McIntyre and W.J. Kirkpatrick as Kirkpatrick & McIntyre, McIntyre subsequently formed a new partnership with Edwin Kerwin.

Within five years, Campbell became a partner and the enterprise was renamed McIntyre and Campbell, and house in a new commercial block, shown here.

In 1901 they advertised that:  “It has been the business policy if this firm to always work for future trade, that is to sell to customers goods that will warrant them in returning at a later date…”

Interior of McIntyre and Campbell.

To give the best price to the customer they imported all foreign and Canadian made merchandise directly from the manufacturer to cut the middleman’s profit.

A century ago the two story shopping emporium was described in the following words.

“Each floor is 30 x 40 feet in dimensions.  The main store is devoted to the display and sale of dry goods, staples and fancy dress-goods, silks, linens, fancy good, laces, gloves and a thousand other articles both useful and ornamental.  They also devote considerable attention to mantles and tailor made suits for ladies.  Part of the second floor is devoted to carpets, curtains, portieres, blinds, table covers, etc., and the front part of this floor is a dress-making establishment…”

HYGENO was introduced to the market in 1925 and sold for $4, it was made in England.

Acquired at a local house sale in 2013.

“Their line of dry-goods is so extensive that the most particular and exacting may be suited…”

In the 1920s the firm changed its name to P.E. Campbell Ltd., and billed itself as “Cornwall’s Dry Goods and Department Store.”

By the 1930s the name had reverted back to McIntyre and Campbell.

The business closed sometime after World War II.

This is just one of the hundreds of files in the Museum’s archives highlighting Cornwall’s commercial heritage, available for viewing during museum operating hours.


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