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Lease from the British Chiefs to Martin Levac, St. Regis, 21st Oct., 1819.

This Indenture made this 21st day of October for the year of Our Lord 1891 Between the Principal Loyal British Chiefs of the St. Regis Tribe of Indians of the one part And Martin Levac pf Salmon River in the Province of Lower Canada Yeoman of the other part witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of one pound five shillings to those in hand paid by the said Martin Levac   The receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged as also of the rents covenants and agreements herein after contained and assignors to be paid and kept.  And by these presents Do Demise Grant and to farm let unto the said Martin Levac____his heirs  and assignors all that certain parcel of tract of Land being composed butting on, the river St. Lawrence, in a certain island lying west of Godmanchester Line of the Indian Reservation below Salmon River and in the Province of Lower Canada, consisting by admeasurement 30 acres of being more or less, together with appurtenances.  Their ___ etc there unto belonging .  Except and always, Excepting out of this Lease all Mill Seats, Mines of Gold Silver copper, Lead, tin, Iron Ore Coals and all other Minerals known to be Discovered on the said Premises.  To have and to hold the same with the appurtenances unto the said Martin Levac his heirs and assignors from the Day of the Date of these presents, for and during the full end and thereon of 99 years from thence next ensuing the paying therefor yearly and every year during the said term on the 1st day of February annually in each and every year the full sum of one pound five shilling the Cash to be paid and Delivered to the said principal Chiefs or their Agent, And the said Martin Levac______his heir or assignors shall pay or cause to be paid to the principal Cheifs their heirs, or successors the above mentioned yearly rent at the time above mentioned viz on the 1st day of Feb. Annually And in default thereof, of said rent not being paid as aforesaid Within ten

Days after the same shall become due.  The Principal Chiefs their Heirs or successors to be at full liberty to bake possession of said Lot and Premises herein Demised And Lease the same to whomsoever they may think proper, Without the Lot such Hindrance Molestation or Denial of him the said Martin Levac     his Heirs, or Assignors or any other person or persons Claiming or to Claim by from or under ____ thereon any or either of these.  And further that if the said Martin Levac     his Heirs or Assignors shall pay or cause to be paid, or fulfill this Lease by the annual rents as herein Stated The Said Principal Chiefs their Heirs or Successors, shall ___Expiration thereof renew the same to the said Martin Levac      his Heirs or Assignors for a further period or term of 99 years and so until the full End and ___of 1,000 years shall be completed the same Terms and Conditions of the present Leases.  Without Contradiction in anywise.  In Witness whereof the the practice aforesaid to these present have hereunto Set their Hands and Seals the Day and Year in this Indenture first above written.

Signed Sealed and                          signature’s six Chiefs with seals

Delivered in presence of Wm. McNarin, Isaac LeClair

Martin Levac   Isaac Soblais

A fascinating document, but unfortunately we only know what it says and nothing more.  Any insights would be appreciated!


The museum acquired this document in 2005.

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