Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | December 13, 2017

Long Sault Rapids, exposed, April 4th – Dec. 11, 1957.

For centuries the Long Sault Rapids on the St. Lawrence River, west of Cornwall, had been in turn been a barrier to river travel, a tourism mecca, and a problem that had to be overcome.

In October 1956, the building of the St. Lawrence, dictated that the rapids be stilled and a skip, such as the one shown above, holding 25 tons of stone was employed to “drown” the Rapids.

The Rapids did not succumb easily, and as the gap in the stone dam began to close, the rocks dumbed into the river were simply carried away.  To prevent the boulders from being swept away, engineers developed the “hexapedian,” constructed of welded girders with six steel legs.  Carried away on the first drop, “the hexapedian was dropped into the torrential gap (for second time)…Boulders were quickly dumped on top of it and the gap narrowed.”  (Marin, F. & C., SD & G, 1945 – 78, pg. 22.)

The Rapids were stilled on April 4, 1957 and reflooded in Dec. of the same year.

The pot holes under the Long Sault Rapids, 1957.

A conservationist looking for trapped fish after the  draining of the Long Sault Rapids.17 year-old Arthur Raymond displays an anchor and cannon balls found on the floor of the dry Rapids’ river bed.

To learn more about the Long Sault Rapids, the building of the St. Lawrence Seaway, the Lost Villages and the folk lore of the St. Lawrence River visit the Cornwall Community Museum to obtain a copy of THE LIVING RIVER, above, $30 a copy.

Please note that not all of the photographs shown here are in the book, but not to worry there are well over 150 others.

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Please note that the Museum closes for the Season on Sunday Dec. 17th, until January 2nd, 2018.

Info:    613 936-0280

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