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Changes to Pitt Street North – Pt 2

Continuing on  from where we left off in Part 1 of this series …

1447 Pitt_Pro_1989-09_web1447 Pitt Street is now home to an automobile repair shop.  The site previously housed Cornwall Welding.

1447 Pitt_K.J. Enterprise Laundromat & Gas Bar_1977-12-17Back in 1977 it was K.J. Enterprise Laundromat & Gar Bar.

1503 Pitt_1989-09_web1503 Pitt right next door now houses two restaurants.  Roger Campeau’s Market held the site earlier.

1504 Pitt_1989-09_webThe convenience store across the street at 1504 now operates under a different brand.  Earlier Vern Fraser’s Shell Station, followed by Gow Shell operated there.

1509 Pitt_Alice's Restaurant_Crystal Lynn BrownleeAlice’s (Lalonde) Restaurant was one of the former businesses to call 1509 Pitt Street home. Later Green’s Frozen Food carried on business at  that location. Today Kwik Stop Laundromat operates there. Under a former owner, the laundromat included a snack bar with a liquor licence,

1515 Pitt_Toyota_1989-09_webFurther north, the Seaway Toyota dealership pictured here in 1989 was located at 1515 Pitt Street.

1515 Pitt_Grant_Crysler Dodge Jeep_1995Seaway was replaced by Rodger Grant Dodge Crysler Jeep in 1995, pictured here, only to become Paradise Tanning and Fitness Centre in 1996.  Paradise Tanning and Fitness Centre gave way to Summit Fitness with an expanded footprint.

1523 Pitt_Cornwall Chrysler Plymouth Ltd_1977-01-08_partners1523 Pitt was home to Cornwall Chrysler Plymouth in 1977 when the business took on a partner.

1525 Pitt_Brunet_1989-09_webRight next door at 1525 Pitt, the home renovation center has been replaced by a furniture chain store.  Follow this LINK to view our post on Brunet Bros.

1542 Pitt_North End Pizzeria_2007-05-27As seen in this Standard-Freeholder news photo, in late May of 2007 fire broke out in one of the apartments above North End Pizzeria, then located at 1542 Pitt, resulting in displacement of the various occupants. Today the pizzeria operates nearby at 1552 Pitt and 1542 has been rebuilt as a residence.

1542 Pitt_Oka's Cheese House_1977-12-20This ad from 1977 is a reminder that Oka’s Cheese House operated from this site.

1602 Pitt_Boileau Sash & Door_1947-10-25According to the 1959 City Directory, Maurice Boileau then operated Maurice’s Groceries at the intersection of St. Andrew’s Road and Jobin Avenue (1600 Pitt Street), while Omer Boileau (married to Leontine) operated his sash and door business at 1602 Pitt. The family lived on-site; the residence and two businesses shared the same phone number. This 1947 sales receipt is for the sash and door business.

Later Countryside Realty and later yet a monument company occupied the site.

1600 Pitt_Rose Vaccum_truck out front_Mike Rose

In 1999, having purchased the building, Mike Rose moved his Rose Vacuum sales and service business to 1600/1602 Pitt. The business began in 1968 as a sideline for his father Marcel, who, having completed an electrical course at the local college, began repairing toasters and other small appliances in the basement of his residence at 106 Walton Street and later at 804 Alice Street. Over time Marcel graduated to large appliances, such as electric ranges. His full-time job was machine operator at Courtaulds; his employment there began at the age of 16 and continued for about 45 years, when the textile manufacturer left Cornwall in 1992. Ca. 1994 the repair business relocated to the Tudor Centre on Ninth Street East, remaining there until Mike took over the business and incorporated.

The small square structure on the s.e. end of the property was the original building, while the L–shaped section west and north of it, were added on in the 1950s. Previously the main entrance, now walled over, was in the center of the wall that faces Pitt Street.

1613 Pitt_1989-09_webFurther along the street at 1613, the natural gas company office has been transformed into a popular dining spot.  Lakeland Gas preceded ICG, which is pictured above.

1617 Pitt_1989-09_webNext door at 1617, the once popular Bob Auline chicken and rib eatery has witnessed a series of restaurants/pubs come and go. These included The Irish Blackthorn, Einstein’s as well as Mike & Andy’s Restaurant and Night Spot. The upstairs bar was once known as Bar Flies.  Back in 1959, it was home to the Balmoral Restaurant.  Charles Giroux Real Estate added the rear extension in 1970.  It is now home to a Thai restaurant.

1616 Pitt Emma_1989_webAcross the street at 1616, the Petro Canada service station became the base of operation for an hvac company; the building was subsequently demolished in September of 2019. And across Emma, while the soda shop/convenience store remains, the used car dealer is now an automobile accessory shop.

101 Emma_Pop Shoppe_1977-05-07_Grand Re-openingIn September of 1976, a four-hour fire caused extensive damage to Wimpy’s Diner and The Pop Shoppe. 35 mph winds made the firefighters’ task difficult. This Pop Shoppe Grand Re-opening ad is from May of 1977.

1717 Pitt_1989-09_webTo the north of that complex, Surgeson Electric has moved to Tyotown and been replaced by a wine and beer kit store.

Across Pitt Street, another tool rental company has taken over the Atlas site.

Follow this LINK to see some businesses which previously operated at the foot of this overpass.

The SD&G Historical Society colour photographs on this page were taken in September of 1989.



  1. Great photos. Former businesses missing that would be nice to add if they can be located are Wimpy’s, Bill’s Light Lunch, CFML radio station, Campeau’s convenience, Seaway Drive-In. I know there are others but the ones included are fantastic.

    • We’re only at Part 2 of what will not be an exhaustive list of businesses, but rather a representative sampling.

  2. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list – primarily just some photos taken in 1989. However, we previously posted on Mitchell’s. 🙂

  3. The train station is not mentioned , nor does it appear in the post. The sign is simply in the photo of some Pitt Street buildings.

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