Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | February 7, 2018

Local History Book Sale – Heritage Fair, Cornwall.

RUNNING DOWN THE RAPIDS – an illustrated history of running the Long Sault Rapids by boat is just one of the many local histories that will be on sale at the SD & G Historical Society/Cornwall Museum booth at the Heritage Fair to be held on Saturday 24th at the Cornwall Square from 9 am to 4 pm.  Cost for this slightly used copy $10.

A postcard showing the steamship “Algerian” running the Long Sault Rapids, circa 1900.  The vessel was known at the “Algerian,” the “Bavarian” and the “Cornwall,” it ended its career as a tugboat.

The booklet RUNNING DOWN THE RAPIDS has photographs of more than 30 riverboats, as well as a short history of Richelieu and Ottawa Navigation Co., and the Montreal and Cornwall Navigation Co.

Steering wheel from the S.S. Filgate.  The print to the right shows the vessel running the Lachine Rapids, from the Canadian Illustrated News, May 31, 1879.

The steering wheel from the Filgate was donated to the Cornwall Museum in 1972.

This vessel is one of the many shown in RUNNING DOWN THE RAPIDS, one copy only is available at the Cornwall Square On Feb. 24th, for $10.

Here is a rare local history, available at the Heritage Fair at the Cornwall Museum’s stand for only $20.

For the Heritage Fair only this book is available for $27.

The book covers local river lore, the building of the Seaway, the creation of the Lost Villages, military history and much more.  Over 150 photographs, many never seen before.

Do you like antiques, but can’t afford them?  This richly illustrated book written by Royal Ontario Museum curator Donald Webster, shows you some of the finest in Ontario.  Printed in 1979, it has not been replaced by any other work.  Well worth $20, and available along with other books at the Cornwall Community Museum’s table at the Heritage Fair, Sat. Feb. 24th, at the Cornwall Square, 9 am to 4 pm.


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