Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | March 12, 2018

CORNWALL and SD & G history for sale.

No history of Glengarry County can be considered complete without this book.  Author Rayside documents the other Glengarry, a poignant counter to the heroic Glengarry Myth.

It is possible that you may never have heard of this book, as Glengarry booksellers actually sold it under the counter in a brown bag when it was released in 1991.

This rare second hand edition is now available only at the book room at the Cornwall Community Museum for $20 (original price $40).

The museum is open throughout March, Wed. to Friday, 11 am to 4 pm, call 613 936-0280, or email

The perfect book for the Revolutionary military enthusiast. Softcover, originally $15, now $5.

Cornwall International Bridge, construction of the North Side, April 8, 1898.  The construction, collapse, and repair of the international bridge system was captured in a series of photographs by J.A. Noe of Cornwall.

The south span of the International bridge between New York State and Cornwall Island, the day it collapsed claiming 15 lives, Sept. 6, 1898, photograph, J.A. Noel.

To see more rare photographs and histories of Cornwall’s two bridge disasters be sure to obtain a copy of  THE LIVING RIVER – SECRETS OF THE ST. LAWRENCE only at the bookroom at the Cornwall Community Museum.  Cost:  $30.

If you follow this page, you will remember that by some strange twist of fate, the book was withdrawn, lost and then found in a storehouse in Surrey BC.  We were able to obtain some copies and now with Ian’s imminent retirement only have ten left.  Once these are gone, that is it.

South span repairs, Sept. 30, 1898.

A circus parade led by elephants lumbers through Cornwall, late 19th century.

Have you heard the story about the elephant that tried to swim across the St. Lawrence at Cornwall?

If not, be sure to obtain a copy of THE LIVING RIVER SECRETS OF THE ST. LAWRENCE, while available.



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