Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | March 15, 2018

Chesterville, Ontario, – historic images.

ccThe archives at the Cornwall Community Museum has an extensive document and photograph collection of material from Stormont and Dundas Counties, this is a small sample of our holdings regarding Chesterville.

The Dominion House (Hotel) was established by Matthew Flynn at the time of Confederation.  Before World War I, it was operated by  Thomas. Flynn, located on Main St., the telephone number was “9”.  The three storey hotel had 25 rooms.  It was patronized “by the best citizens of Chesterville and vicinity.  “Stables and sheds for farmers and others were located in the rear of the hotel.”Located opposite the CPR Station, the enterprise was incorporated in Oct., 1907.  “They are manufacturers of Royal Condensed Milk and Imperial Evaporated Cream.  Royal Condensed Milk is produced in the celebrated Chesterville District of Dundas Co., Ont., dairy products from which district won the highest awards at the World’s Fair Chicago.  This brand owes its fine quality to the freshness and purity of fresh milk or cream.  It makes a perfect and naturally complete food for infants, nursing mothers, invalids and aging people, or anyone troubled with weak digestion…”

This Edwardian era postcard shows the bridge over the Nation River at Chesterville.

The postmark on this card is dated 1907.  The horseshoe is a symbol for good luck.

A late 19th century sepia cabinet card by Chesterville photographer M. Flynn.

The Honourable Fred McIntosh Cass, one of Chesterville’s most prominent 20th century citizens.

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