Posted by: Manager / Associate Curator | June 7, 2018

Quality First Laundry & Cleaners – final cleanup?

In 1906 Quality First Steam Laundry opened shop at 16 Fourth Street East.

Quality First_19121912 ad:  A. Bousquet owner.

16 4th st e_quality first_st. law iode_1933This ad is from 1933:  R. Ramsey, owner.

Quality First_1938

1938 ad:  still R. Ramsey.

Old Fire Insurance Plans reveal that a number of small businesses were in close proximity, including a popular blacksmith shop – some info on the blacksmith shop can be found at this LINK.

16 4th st e_qual first_ca hockey pgmIn 1942 the operation employed 11 women and 4 men.  This ad from the 1940s shows Floyd Sheridan as the owner.

16 4th st e_quality first_1958_king's dau 1958 – still Floyd Sheridan.

Quality First_1907-09-12

Quality First_1971-03-20This 1971 newspaper advertisement reveals the attractive plate glass store front; the store featured “electronic” dry-cleaning.

Quality First_1987-03 Prog EdnLikewise, this 1987 newspaper advertisement gives us a view of the store front and yet other owners.

Two years later the business closed its doors for the final time. The front shop disappeared from the streetscape some time ago, while the back of the building functioned as an automobile repair shop for a time.

2016-04 CompThese 2016 images revealed an area of the downtown very much in need of a re-birth.

2018-06 CompOver a period of several months in 2018, the remaining structure was demolished and the brick blocks salvaged.






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