Posted by: Manager / Associate Curator | July 6, 2018

Cornwall & Counties Map – a great find!

Ada Sloan stopped by the Museum yesterday to offer us a great map that she’s treasured for years. She spotted the item at a yard sale years ago and picked it up for a song. It’s been proudly displayed in her work area at St. Lawrence College ever since, but Ada will be retired as of this afternoon and she desired to ensure that the three foot by five foot roll up cloth map would have a new home where it will continue to be treasured.

The map is of the three United Counties of DS&G (yes, it wasn’t always referred to as SD&G as is now the case.) Some of the really cool features include the identification of the Mile Square town of Cornwall and a few of the early Cornwall Township neighbourhoods (Beaconsfield, Gladstone, etc), the clearly indicated Concessions and the fact that all of the now Lost Villages are identified. That in itself indicates that the undated Department of Highways map is pre-Seaway era. The Department of Highways Ontario (DHO) came into existence in 1931 and continued until 1971, narrowing the time frame somewhat. The provincial highways (now County Roads) are also plainly indicated. Among those shown is Highway 34, which was so named in 1936. Another indicator of era is the inclusion of the New York Central & Ottawa Railway, which operated from 1897 until 1957. A further aid to determining the approximate date of the map is the dotted lines around the annexed former Cornwall Township neighbourhoods. We see those around East Cornwall (formerly known as the south portion of Gladstone), the former Cornwall General Hospital, the former Glengarry cotton mill as well as around the Victory (Wartime) Housing on the site of the former Fair Grounds. The latter district was annexed in 1943 to ensure that the Federal Government’s proposal to construct wartime housing at the Fair Grounds would benefit Cornwall. That narrows it down to between 1943 and 1957. Ada told us that she believes the map to be ca. 1950, so that fits perfectly.

Thank you for thinking of us, Ada. Your map is now proudly hanging in the Museum. Please come visit anytime!

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