Posted by: Manager / Associate Curator | February 24, 2019

Guindon Glenoco

Guindon Glenoco at 1310 Pitt Street in the summer of 2018

Guindon Glenoco demolished in February of 2019

1300 Pitt_Guindon_1956-10-12_Opening_photoAfter four months of construction, the  two bay full-service Fina gas station and home heating oil depot was launched by Pierre Guindon on October 13 of 1956. A second service station was added on Marleau Avenue. Fern Guindon managed the depot; he was our M.P.P. for many years.

1300 Pitt_Guindon_1956-10-12Guindon’s sons were also active in the business, including Luc, who succeeded George Samis as our M.P.P. (1985-87) and who now serves as a Justice of the Peace since 2003.

In September of 2008 the Esso fuel pumps on the adjacent property were removed and the service station closed. The 15 employees found work at Guindon’s other Esso Station or elsewhere. The large above ground fuel storage tank was removed the following month.

Reportedly there are no plans to replace the structure at this time; the neighbour to the north can enjoy the extra sunshine pouring through her large southern windows. In the Spring of 2020 the property still had temporary fencing in place.

The Guindon family also own the car and pet wash immediately to the south; the wash replaced their Esso service station on the corner. A house on the property was previously sold and relocated outside of the City.

St. Lawrence Glass occupied part of the property in the past.  This ad is from 1967; we have some of their ads from as far back as 1958.






  1. Too bad they weren’t able to salvage any of the construction materials.

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