Posted by: Manager / Associate Curator | March 29, 2019

Brunet Bros. Ltd

On March 22 1962, Brunet Brothers opened their new retail store at 1525 Pitt Street.  Mayor Nick Kaneb cut the ribbon.

1525 Pitt_Brunet Bros Ltd_1962-03-191525 Pitt_Brunet Bros Ltd_1962-03-21_11525 Pitt_Brunet Bros Ltd_1962-03-21_21525 Pitt_Brunet Bros Ltd_1962-03-30

Prior to that time, the company, which began in 1946,  was known as a local building contractor, with its office at 207 Westmoreland Avenue in the Riverdale district.  Riverdale was birthed in the 1950s.

This was the retailer in 1989.

This 1990 newspaper advertisement indicates that the store was then a member of the Castle Building Centres Group Ltd.

In this 1991 newspaper ad, we see a more recent view of the store exterior.

The building centre closed ca. 2004 and is now home to a furniture and electronics chain store.  The plate glass windows on the building front have been replaced by a solid wall.

The two b&w images of the store opening are from the hundreds of Marcel Quenneville negatives donated to the SD&G Historical Society.


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