Posted by: Manager / Associate Curator | June 10, 2019

Hard to imagine this was downtown Cornwall

A certain family immigrated to our city in 1849, after the potato famine. They established a downtown general store. As can be seen in these photographs taken by a local commercial photographer, the rear of the property included a “courtyard”, two barns and a livery stable.

The family lived above the store; an elevated walkway connected their residence to one of the barns. The building’s main floor later housed other businesses with residential tenants above, but has since been demolished.

Have you been able to figure out the location and the family?

church CR_WMThis photo spills the beans; the property is southwest of (behind) St. John’s Presbyterian Church on First Street; note the church spires which have since disappeared from the structure and much of the property is part of the municipal parking lot known as Warrington-Brown, accessible from 39 First Street East, from Pitt Street and via St. John’s Lane on Second Street East.

The Warrington family later relocated to 226 Adolphus Street. We appreciate Warrington descendant Herb Malcolmson agreeing to lend us the above photos for scanning in order to share them with you.

23 1st St E_Club 23_Warrington block

These two more contemporary photos, shared on a garage band site, reveal that in the 1960s, 21 First Street East was the apartments above a once popular teen alcohol-free dance club at 23 First Street East. Previously Lalonde’s Dry Goods operated there in the 1950s. Back in 1849 this was the site of the Warrington general store and family home.

23 1st St E_Club 23_Warrington block_int

23 1st St E_1978

This 1978 view from Pitt Street shows what still remained of the area just prior to the creation of the Cornwall Square. This photo is from Dr. Margaret Macaulay’s collection.

23_WarringtonNotice that Kastner’s added a second storey and increased their footprint.





  1. Peggy Warrington was at school (SLHS) with me (1951-1956).

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