Posted by: Manager / Associate Curator | August 25, 2019

Residence – Clothier – Confectioner – Butcher – Dog groomery

345 Fifth Street West
The building at 345 Fifth Street West near the n.e. corner of 5th and Cumberland Streets has witnessed a number of occupants in the past 90 or so years.

The 1933-34 City Directory lists it as a vacant store. In 1937, it is shown as two residential units.

This 1947 receipt indicates that A.J. Clouthier was selling clothing there prior to re-locating to lower Pitt Street.

By 1951, Alcide Vincent operated his grocery store there while living upstairs. By 1959 Vincent still owned the building, but Doug Hall operated a convenience store from the premises. By 1963, the confectionery was operating under the name of West End Handy Store and in 1971 it was Rick’s Handy Store, operated by Richard Hebert.

By 1973, it carried on business under the name of L. Gosselin Meat Market. Until 1985, it was sometimes marketed as Gosselin’s Meat Market, and sometimes as L. Gosselin Meat Market, as illustrated in this 1983 advertisement.

From 1986 until 1990, Rejeanne Leblanc and Janet Miseferi (who grew up in her parent’s home across the street) conducted business there under the name of Butcher’s Block. During 1989, Roger Perras moved in, operating his business as Butchers Meat Shop a.k.a. The Butcher’s Meat Market. After 1990 Roger became the sole business operator there until 1995 at which point the building sat vacant for a few years.

This 1991 photo illustrates that the business was also known as “Butch’s” Meat Shop,

as does this 1993 advertisement.

The Hounds of Cornwall dog groomery closed shortly after this photo was taken in 2018.

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