Posted by: Manager / Associate Curator | September 1, 2019

1978 CCVS Football Championship Jacket

Cornwallite Greg Pollard has visited the Museum twice recently. During his first visit he was inspired by some of the exhibits, including the new school and school swag exhibit, medical exhibit and the budding retail exhibit.

Saturday he returned to donate a few personal and family treasurers to augment our collections.

2019-42.1_Greg Pollard_SignedGreg was a member of the CCVS football team which won the 1978 championship; here is proof that he can still fit into that high school jacket. Yes, we’re envious. Looking good, Greg!

2019-42.1_Greg Pollard_back

This was Greg’s Grade 13 “mug shot” in the Mirror ’78 year book.

His submitted profile follows:

Ambition:  Sportsman of the year
Probable Destiny:  Cripple of the year
Cherished Memories:  My 1st punt past the scrimmage line
Nick Name:  The Pod

Poor Greg; he was absent for the team champions photo due to knee surgery.

The yearbook write-up has the following to say:

With the strongest defence in the league and a re-vitalized offence, the C.C.V.S. Golden Raiders again captured the coveted Edward’s Trophy, the symbol of football supremacy in Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry.  It was the fourth time in five years that the Raiders had emerged as the League champion, a record unparalleled in the school’s distinguished sports history.

Despite major injuries to some key players, the Gold Machine was able to win each of its eight games, a feat which no other championship football team at this school has ever been able to accomplish.  It was the perfect end to a season of hard work for all those involved, especially the graduating members of the team.  With a fine group of players returning next year, the Raiders are looking forward to another winning season during the ’78 campaign.

What’s in your closet? Let us know if you have something to share.


  1. Oh.
    This brings back so many memories. All my yearbooks and jackets are long gone in a house fire. Even if I still had my jacket, I’m sure it wouldn’t fit me anymore.
    Those were great years.
    Looking good Greg!

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