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Bishop Macdonell Senior School

Back in the late 1960s to mid-1970s, Bishop Macdonell School located at 300 Adolphus Street (n.w. corner of Adolphus and Third Street East) was a senior school, housing just 7th and 8th graders, unlike today. It was created as a potential model geared to transitioning youth from elementary to a more mature high school style model. The concept was abandoned a short time later.

217 3rd St E_Daisy Dairy_1965-12-29_DemolishedSome houses and the former Daisy Dairy along Third Street East were purchased and demolished to create space for the school and its yard.

BMSS_1968-05-03_Opening_MQ_3_CR_webConstruction began in 1966, with the official opening taking place on May 30 of 1968.

BMSS_1968-05-03_Opening_MQ_5_Cr_webIn the early years, assemblies were conducted outdoors.

BMSS_1968-05-03_Opening_MQ_8_CR_webNot every area of the school was accessible that first year.

SCE_later BMS Annex School CROver time, the school expanded into the south portion of the adjacent St. Columban’s East School. St. Columban’s East School was built as St. Columban’s Boys’ School in 1947/48, opening in February of 1949 with students transferred from the Third Street West Gonzaga (Catholic Boys’ High School turned elementary school) [LINK] as well as from the Centre Ward Separate School.  The school expanded in 1959 and became co-ed.

84-13.19_Ctr Ward Sch 4th AdolphusThe 1948 St. Columban’s Boys’ School was a direct replacement for the former 1886 Centre Ward Separate School to the south, which faced Fourth Street East. The 1886 school had previously replaced the original 1871 two room school.

SCE School_demolition_4_Robert LefebvreWhen the former St. Columban’s East School next door (then operating as a day care facility) was demolished, ‘Bishop’ took over the cleared property to accommodate better parking facilities, etc. Our thanks to Robert Lefebvre for this demolition photo.

Spiritual care at Bishop Macdonell is the responsibility of St. Columban Parish, as was also the case for St. Columban’s East School and its precursors.

This photo is of Mrs. Joan Martin’s Class of  1976. Who do you recognize?

So far we’ve identified several of the people pictured:

Monique Martin, Kenny Cox, Kim Lalonde, Brian Shaver, Gary McDonald, Don Smith, Colleen Dupuis, Joan Martin (teacher)
______________ , Curtis Collins, Gordie Lefebvre, Richard Martin?, Wayne Joseph, David Taillon, Sandra Mitchell
Greg Villeneuve, Joanne Lepage, Robert King, Kevin Blue, ________________, __________________, ________________, David McLeod
_______________, Diane Cadieux, Pam Wollinger, Brigitte _________________, Karen Leduc, __________________
Our thanks to David Taillon for allowing us to scan the photo from his elementary school years.
The above photo donation inspired yet another, this time from Mike Engert, the Class of 1975 at Bishop MacDonell Senior School.

BMSS_Class of 1975_Mike EngertRear:
Ray Sanborn, Glen Lawrence, Anthony Joubert, Mark Larin, Guy Lavalee, Andy Hamilton, Neil Flaro, Brian MacAteer, Mike Engert, Steven Kuhn
Lisa Hebert, Karen Beaudry, Louise Bates, Tammy Landriault, S. Varette (teacher), Shelly Lapointe, Cathy Ladouceur, Lou Anne Villeneuve, Aileen Culhane, ________
______, Christine Ostepchuck, Jamie Mc Court, Dennis Marion, Gerry St Louis, Norm Ayotte, Lynn Besner, Joan Andre

Who else do you recognize?


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