Posted by: Manager / Associate Curator | October 1, 2019

Scores Cornwall – gone before concluding year 6

On the heels of a company job fair a month and a half earlier, on December 9 2013, a restaurant chain which launched in 1995, opened in the Brookdale Centre (960 Brookdale Avenue) in Cornwall with Rob Cardinal and Stephane April at the helm. Originally constructed as an enclosed mall, the property was re-developed in 2000 and converted into an unenclosed shopping centre.

The Montreal-based Scores chain operates in Quebec, Eastern Ontario and New Brunswick. The Cornwall restaurant was the chain’s 44th and the 3rd in Ontario. At just over 66,000 square feet, the restaurant had a capacity of more than 200 patrons. Take-out and delivery were also available.

Included on the menu were chicken, ribs, brochettes, grills, steaks, sandwiches and fajitas.

An all-you-can-eat soup, salad and fruit bar was featured as a stand-alone or as a meal add-on. The above four images were pulled from a promotional video.

On the evening of September 30 of 2019, without any fanfare (other than a few staff, several fans and some vocal critics adding their two cents on social media) the local franchise quietly faded into Cornwall restaurant history. The restaurant business here is highly competitive and even more chain outlets are about to open. One can well-imagine the rationale for closing. The five year mark is considered a crucial milestone in the life of any new business; kudos to Stephane and Rob for enduring the hard work and long hours to make it to that juncture.

These photos were taken during that final night. This was the dine-in entrance.

The view from the front. The restaurant walls featured large photographs of local landmarks. The franchise may have started a trend; various local eateries and other businesses now proudly display photos and murals of current and historic Cornwall locales, some of which were obtained through the SD&G Historical Society. Businesses are welcome to contact the Museum for details.

Late morning the next day, after a meeting, the owners made it official with this notice on the front windows.

At the time of the Cornwall store opening, Scores parent company Imvescor Inc., also operated Pizza Delight, Mikes and Baton Rouge. In December 2017, MTY, which also owns Au Vieux Duluth, Mr. Sub, Thai Express and Sushi Shop amalgamated with Imvescor.



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