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Historic Cornwall – Munro C.E.

Munro C.E. was one of the early suburbs in the former Cornwall Township that became a Cornwall neighbourhood on January 1, 1957 when the City annexed much of the Township.  The name Munro C.E. no longer appears on Cornwall maps.

It bordered on West Front, Hartle, and Wm C. Robertson, bounded by Frontenac, King and Walter Streets.

As suggested by this ad from July of 1959, prior to picking up and relocating to the new Highway 2 West (Vincent Massey Drive), Archie’s Golf Range was located southwest of West Front School, at 3 King Street, near the former Roosevelt Bridge.

This 1961 Marcel Quenneville aerial image shows the former golf course location.

A photo of Archie’s miniature golf. This photo and the next are courtesy of Jerry Sauve.

This building was relocated and is incorporated into today’s pro shop at the current Vincent Massey location.

From Hy-Trous to Nutrite to Synagri
In 1953, the wet and dry fertilizer manufacturer, which began at 121 Pitt in 1949 and soon relocated to Wallrich Avenue, made its final relocation, this time to the canal bank at 42 Frontenac Street.

Nash Kalil purchased the plant from E.J. Kaneb in 1957. Quebec City-based International Fertilizers Ltd. acquired Hy-Trous in 1959. In September of 1967, Genstar Ltd’s Brockville Chemical Industries Ltd. purchased the plant. The company branched out into Chesterville in 1971.

July of 1976 witnessed a name change to Genstar Chemical Ltd, utilizing the Nutrite trade mark and in September of 1979 the name changed to Nutrite Inc.

This was the plant in 1994.

This newspaper ad is from 1996.

In 2002, the name changed to SynAgri.

This Google Street View image is from 2009.

The Cornwall plant was closed in 2013 with the company citing problems with its property lease. In 2014 SynAgri began a two-year transition to completely rebuild an expanded plant in Chesterville.

The Cornwall plant was demolished ca. 2019 while the Chesterville Synagri operation is a going concern.

Remnants of the Synagri spur line remain.

Prior to finding a home in Guindon Park in 2019, the Cornwall Rowing Club had its heart set on the former 42 Frontenac Street property, but opted not to delay while waiting for the federal government to divest itself of the property.

Universal Terminals
Universal Terminals Ltd was operating at or adjacent to 42 Frontenac Street by 1961 and continued to operate a depot there until at least 1992.

Tank Truck
By 1965, Tank Truck Transport Ltd. was operating on King Street. By 1988 the name had changed to Tank Truck & Teledyne Ltd and continued on until at least 1992. By 1997 they resumed operating as Tank Truck Transport Ltd and since 1998 they are listed under P.O. Box 1094. Tank Truck Transport Inc presently (2019) operates from 1300 Rosemount Avenue.

Styrotile Sales
By the 1960s, Styrotile Sales had relocated from 4 Walter Street to 400 2nd St W.

In 1959, right next door to Styrotile retail flooring was McDonald wholesale flooring at 4 Walter.

Prior to McDonald, Leonard’s Meat Market occupied that location.


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  1. Anyone remember Max Rabin Meat Market at Cumberland and Ninth Street?

    • I remember when it was called, B&M Meat Market. It was operated by John McDermid. I was in the cattle business at the time (‘66-‘76) & would have all my cattle & sheep slaughtered there.
      How fond I remember, John calling me every Saturday at about 4pm, saying he had many beef fillets & chicken wings he wanted to clear out of his cooler. So, I would buy everything he had, gave most away to the less fortunate.
      Fillets, $ 1.25/lb & chicken wings $ 0.10/lb.
      never see those prices again.
      Nice memories.

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