Historic Cornwall – Grant’s Corners

Today Grant’s Corners is a neighbourhood at the northeast edge of Cornwall where it meets South Glengarry and South Stormont.

Grant’s Corners was named after John Grant whose blacksmith shop operated there.

Cornwall Gems cheese factory at Grant’s Corners operated from the late 1800s until the mid-1900s.

The community had a sequence of seven postmasters.

Postmaster Appointed Vacancy Reason
L. Merpaw 1889-10-01 1890-06-03 Resigned – closed
John. D. Grant
1891-06-01 1893-01-17 Resigned
Joseph Merpeau 1893-05-04 1895-01-09 Resigned – closed
P.A. McDonald
1902-02-01 1907-05-24 Resigned
Treffley Ramoe 1907-07-31 1908-08-04 Resigned
Urban Clark 1908-11-12 1909-10-23 Resigned
D.R. McDonnell 1910-01-18 1913-08-13 Closed R.M.D.


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